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Conflict with some key configurations


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Hi all,

I am still working in my personal cabinet only managed by joysticks and buttons (no keyboard at all), and I have the following problem here:

In the past, not remember which LaunchBox version, I used the same button for launch games and also to move into BigBox. I mean, Start button to go from Platform list to games list (into that selected platform), and also to run a game from the list. Right now, I have 2 buttons, one to Select and another one to Play. The question it... how to get the previous situation again? I tried to use the same button for both actions, but Select has some priority over Play and when I click the button over a game, I see a window to add the game to a reproduction list.

And the other problem is related to Reverse button. When I stay at game list, this button will bring me back to platform list, which is great. But if I click it again, it will go directly to BB options, which is not so good. Is there a way to fix that? I have changed the Escape key to Q letter to not conflict with emulators which use Escape key to exit the game. But I need the Reverse key to exit games list to platform list while I am under BB, but if I click it again... well, that is a problem to get my cabinet working with buttons only.

I hope not to disturb with all this, I am just trying to configure BB as much as confortable for me and my friends using my cabinet.




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Hi Martin, there's a setting called "Skip the Game Details View" in Big Box which will allow you to directly play the games without having to go into the details menu, using the same select button. Unfortunately, though, there's currently no option to prevent you from going to the menu with the Back button.

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If you are worried about a user backing out into the menu and accessing your settings you can set a lock code. This will prevent them from getting into the settings piece of the menu. They can still back out to that main menu, but that main one will only allow them to use the filter functions on that page if they want to browse your games by certain criteria. They really cannot mess up your settings.  

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