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Launch certain emulators in fullscreen


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This started with me wanting to launch the Sharp X68000 emu (xm6g)  in fullscreen. Now, in the options menu there are no box to check and so on, so i needed to make a script and convert it to a new .exe with some commands baked into it.

I know there are many ways to achieve this but i decided to go with the free to use tool called Autoit. After installation run SciTE script editor

Create your script, mine looks like this:

1. run("C:\Emulators\sharpx68000\xm6g.exe")   - path to the original *.EXE
2. Sleep (900)                                                             - Give some time for the emu to start
3. Send("{ALTDOWN}")                                             - Press and hold ALT
4. Send("{ENTER}")                                                    - Press ENTER
5. Send("{ALTUP}")                                                    - Release ALT
5a32c2ae03a88_step1.thumb.jpg.f9a9f301f04ee8fdce8c711773e7e902.jpgSave the script

Now Run Compile script to exe...

1. Add your script
2. Choose destination for your new exe
3. You can add icons. i usually use 7-zip to open the original emulator.exe and extract the icon. I have only used 32x32 sized .ico files...

Click "Convert"


In Launchbox just replace the emulator.exe with your new one



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1 hour ago, dnm said:


in this way, using the exe with the script, I'm not able to launch directly games; It's possible do same after the launch of a game ?

This isn't an emulator I'm familiar with or use but I did some digging on Google. Not sure if the option was there in the xm6g version the original poster was using, but it does have an option to save the previous screen settings so really all you'd have to do is select that option in the menu and then just make sure you're closing out of the emulator while it's still in fullscreen mode.

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