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  1. voicesinthedark

    Essential Database Features REQUEST

    It comes down to a matter of accuracy and a lot of people want to know what is official art and what isn't and like to keep those separate.
  2. voicesinthedark

    Starcade full series now on shoutfactorytv

    Not sure if anyone is interested or not but ShoutFactoryTV now has all four seasons of Starcade on their website streaming for free. http://www.shoutfactorytv.com/series/starcade for those of you pipsqueaks that are too young to know it, Starcade was the first video game show on tv. It combined video game trivia with video game competitionpetiton play and the winner had a chance to win theri own arcade machine at the end of each episode.
  3. voicesinthedark

    Essential Database Features REQUEST

    Personally I think the database entry could definitely use some reworking. I think the data fields for platform, developer, publisher, genre for example should all be drop down menus so that every entry is completely uniform. The one thing I definitely do not agree with is the removal of all of the fan art. I know I've personally spent a lot of time making boxart reconstructions because the only available boxart was too damaged and there were no better alternatives other than doing reconstructions. I think there's more than enough options on which fan art to download or not download that this isn't really a problem anyways.
  4. voicesinthedark

    Arcade Controll Playlist

    If there are games that you're finding aren't coming up in the playlists like that then please make sure you write them down and then add the genre to the gamesdb list for that game. That way the lists will eventually be complete for everyone.
  5. voicesinthedark

    Launchbox 9.0 Change Log

    you rock, thank you.
  6. voicesinthedark

    new control panel

    I know......isn't it great
  7. voicesinthedark

    Launchbox 9.0 Change Log

    We need keyboard and controller keybind options for selecting a random game in launchbox.next please.
  8. voicesinthedark

    new control panel

    ummmm....maybe because they're all too busy going to get a towel to clean up the mess after seeing it? lol
  9. voicesinthedark

    Hotkeys for Launchbox.Next // Random Game Select

    Gonna tag @Jason Carr on this because a keyboard and controller shortcut for this would be really nice and apparently no one has managed to find a shortcut for it. I'm right there with you on preferring Launchbox.next over Bigbox, sure bigbox is nice if you have an arcade cabinet or you like all the added fancy stuff, but if you just want to get in and game then launchbox.next is amazing.
  10. voicesinthedark

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

    Just in case anyone hasn't heard yet or thought it was another hoax it was just confirmed on CNN that Stan Lee passed away today at age 95.
  11. voicesinthedark

    front box art doesn't change when i change it why?

    In Launchbox goto the game that you want to change the image for, right click on it and select edit. then in the lower right hand corner change the image to the one you want it to be and then right click. you'll see an option for image type, switch it to box front. Then once you hit okay it'll switch the image to the one you wanted it to be and it should stay that way. I've done it several times for my setup.
  12. voicesinthedark

    Dual tankstick

    In BigBox press esc > Options > keyboard mappings and set the keybinds for however you want them.
  13. voicesinthedark

    front box art doesn't change when i change it why?

    You're trying to change a box front for a fanart box front so if you have box front as the priority it looks like it's defaulting back to that instead of keeping the one you want it on. Try changing the image type for the fanart box front you want to box front and then see if it'll keep the change.
  14. voicesinthedark

    Waking Windows 10 with an arcade stick

    Okay this is totally a shot in the dark and would require someone much more knowledgeable in it than myself but maybe there's a way to do it with autohotkey? I'd say try asking @Retro808 @Lordmonkus or @DOS76 they're usually super helpful and like little miniature googles, they usually know everything....well except how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. lol
  15. voicesinthedark

    Waking Windows 10 with an arcade stick

    I thought control panels were typically recognized as a HID so pressing any button/moving the stick, etc. should be able to wake it. Did you make sure your system isn't powering off the usb ports