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  1. Unfortunately missed the live stream but two things I would really like to see implemented are: 1) Ability to set image group to marquees in launchbox. 2) For platforms and games to not be duplicated over and over when you only have a couple of platforms and/or games in bigbox.
  2. Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to this. I have one done so far but I'm going to make a few variants and then you can tell me which one you like best along with any changes, etc.
  3. Actually since we last talked I found out why the control layout is different. For the control panels that didn't have ambidextrous controls the stick was originally on the right and the buttons on the left. Players actually started getting too good at the games and many didn't have a way to increase the difficulty, so they did it artificially by reversing the controls to make it harder for right handed people and profits went back up. It became such a requested customization from arcade operators that it eventually became the standard in many places around the world.
  4. Yeah no problem. I'm assuming from the artwork you already have on your cab that you want something that's based on the original trilogy only?
  5. For the pause menu I would love to be able to save/load game states, switch discs, resume, view manual, and have a universal quit game option that worked out of the box with all emulators. Custom startup splash screen/video for launchbox would be awesome. Ability in launchbox to have an ambient audio file playing and separate music tracks with separate volume controls for each Bezels would be cool if they were added to the gamesdb and not something you'd have to get from another service outside of launchbox. Sorry I don't really have anything specific for BigBox, I don't have an arcade cabinet so I don't use it.
  6. It comes down to a matter of accuracy and a lot of people want to know what is official art and what isn't and like to keep those separate.
  7. Not sure if anyone is interested or not but ShoutFactoryTV now has all four seasons of Starcade on their website streaming for free. http://www.shoutfactorytv.com/series/starcade for those of you pipsqueaks that are too young to know it, Starcade was the first video game show on tv. It combined video game trivia with video game competitionpetiton play and the winner had a chance to win theri own arcade machine at the end of each episode.
  8. Personally I think the database entry could definitely use some reworking. I think the data fields for platform, developer, publisher, genre for example should all be drop down menus so that every entry is completely uniform. The one thing I definitely do not agree with is the removal of all of the fan art. I know I've personally spent a lot of time making boxart reconstructions because the only available boxart was too damaged and there were no better alternatives other than doing reconstructions. I think there's more than enough options on which fan art to download or not download that this isn't really a problem anyways.
  9. If there are games that you're finding aren't coming up in the playlists like that then please make sure you write them down and then add the genre to the gamesdb list for that game. That way the lists will eventually be complete for everyone.
  10. We need keyboard and controller keybind options for selecting a random game in launchbox.next please.
  11. ummmm....maybe because they're all too busy going to get a towel to clean up the mess after seeing it? lol
  12. Gonna tag @Jason Carr on this because a keyboard and controller shortcut for this would be really nice and apparently no one has managed to find a shortcut for it. I'm right there with you on preferring Launchbox.next over Bigbox, sure bigbox is nice if you have an arcade cabinet or you like all the added fancy stuff, but if you just want to get in and game then launchbox.next is amazing.
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