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  1. voicesinthedark

    Help. Artwork hunters needed

    I think there's a lot of us outside of the themes, etc. making art on here, especially with box art reconstructions and fan art boxes which is what I've been doing a lot of lately.
  2. voicesinthedark

    LaunchBox.Next Missing Features Thread

    I guess hiring that monkey with the whip paid off, you got those last features done wicked fast. lol
  3. voicesinthedark

    Is launchbox still doing streams.

    Didn't anyone tell you, until @Jason Carr gets launchbox.next done we've hired a trained monkey with a whip and an unlimited supply of redbull to keep him working 24/7, we even took away those pesky things like food, bathroom breaks, and sleeping so he doesn't have to worry about distractions. Granted by the time he's done with the full .next update his fingers will be nothing but bones, but there are still rumors of a new He-man live action movie, so we'll just count it as helping him prepare to audition for the skeletor role. Then maybe he can get back to doing other things like live streams, showering, you know those luxuries in life. PS: I have no idea who the "We' is in any of this and I totally just pulled this whole thing out of my ass, but with how hard he's been working on the next update I thought this might give Jason a laugh if he sees it. PSS: okay Jason you saw it, now he back to work before the monkey strikes, he gets paid a banana chip per whipping. BTW awesome work on the .next updates so far
  4. voicesinthedark

    LaunchBox.Next Missing Features Thread

    Well now don't I just feel stupid. lol The only media I have downloaded is the box art for all of my games so I've never messed around with any of the videos and music so I've never actually messed with the volume knob or anything and never even knew it was anything more than a static graphic. lol
  5. voicesinthedark

    LaunchBox.Next Missing Features Thread

    Q: how many forum users/mods/creator of the freaking program does it take to fix audio in launchbox.next A: 1 Knob!! lol That was funny as hell seeing ya'll figure out it was the volume. seriously thou maybe some type of indication that the knob's volume is on 0/mute ?
  6. voicesinthedark

    Launch certain emulators in fullscreen

    This isn't an emulator I'm familiar with or use but I did some digging on Google. Not sure if the option was there in the xm6g version the original poster was using, but it does have an option to save the previous screen settings so really all you'd have to do is select that option in the menu and then just make sure you're closing out of the emulator while it's still in fullscreen mode.
  7. voicesinthedark

    Atari Comic Books - A Short Novella

    Okay so I finished going through the 10 comics, added the missing spacer sheets and went ahead and converted them to .cbz files. I tested them all in Sumatra (didn't try CDisplayEX because it tries to force you to install other stuff) and they all worked fine. If anyone wants a copy I put them on my personal Mediafire with open share so feel free to grab a copy. http://www.mediafire.com/file/4tj79f7cjbsyibl/Atari_Comics.rar/file PS: @DOS76 sorry for kind of stealing your thread, just didn't see the point in making a new one for the same thing.
  8. voicesinthedark

    Atari Comic Books - A Short Novella

    21 issues and yeah I figured that's why you didn't mention them but figured if I didn't know these 10 existed until you mentioned them that others might not know about the expanded series.
  9. voicesinthedark

    Atari Comic Books - A Short Novella

    wow, these things are a mess. They're fine if you view them in single page mode, but if you view them in book mode there's a cover page, etc. in most of them that's missing so the two page artwork, etc. doesn't view properly. When I get back from taking my dog for a walk I'm going to go through and create/find the missing pages so then they'll all display properly in book mode. I'll find a good place to upload the .cbz files so it's easier for everyone once I'm done creating them and testing them. PS: For anyone interested, Emuparadise has the rest of the Atari Force comic series (full sized comics released separately) in .pdf format which most all of the comic book viewers can also view. PSS: See what you started @DOS76
  10. voicesinthedark

    Atari Comic Books - A Short Novella

    Ya know I was actually having a somewhat decent day until reading this and now I'm just pissed the eff off....thanks a lot!! LOL I remember buying some of these games as a kid and never knew there were comics in them, I feel like I missed an important part of my childhood now. lol Seriously though thank you very much for bringing this to our attention and for writing up how to make them into usable comics in LB, I'm definitely going to be doing that now.
  11. voicesinthedark

    Run As Super Famicom

    If the game was released in multiple regions then typically the GamesDB has the cartridge art for both the SNES and Super Famicom, you might just have to select which one you want to use manually. If the game was a Super Famicom only release then that should be the default one that comes up when you download the media.
  12. voicesinthedark

    What do ya'll think of this cabinet kit?

    you know until you said that and I looked at the pictures and description of it again I never noticed the kit uses screws directly into the batons and not bolts, washers, and nuts. Good catch, thanks for that. really starting to wish someone on here made kits. lol
  13. voicesinthedark

    What do ya'll think of this cabinet kit?

    The flatpack part of it I would personally think is a benefit, since then the delivery guy could bring it up the stairs and in my apartment easier. The only nice thing is that with it being a flatpack it might be possible to assemble it dry (no wood glue) so that if I ever move it'll be easier to take apart if need be. That was my thinking on it, but outside of growing up playing in arcades I don't really have any experience with arcade cabinets themselves.
  14. I'm curious to find out what people think of this cabinet kit. Unfortunately I don't have the tools to build one myself from scratch and I'm physically disabled so I'm on a limited fixed income so something like this would be a huge to task to save up for so I'd also like to know what people think about the price of the kit. https://www.etsy.com/listing/610232763/easy-to-assemble-2-player-cabaret-arcade?ref=shop_home_active_8
  15. voicesinthedark

    Arcade Cabinet is finally done!

    Yeah no problem, that's a trick I learned making and reconstructing box art and you wouldn't think it would make that big of a difference but once you really start getting into it you'll kick yourself for never doing it before.