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  1. voicesinthedark

    How easy is it to move LaunchBox\Big Box between systems?

    Oh sure go and post the tutorial video for him......god you moderators are so disgustingly helpful.
  2. voicesinthedark

    How easy is it to move LaunchBox\Big Box between systems?

    Launchbox is completely portable and yes you can copy your settings .
  3. voicesinthedark

    We're missing 90's ol' TV static

    ummmmm youtube. lol
  4. What dimensions (size) are you wanting the launchbox logo in?
  5. voicesinthedark

    Scummvm database changes

    Personally I think that would that would be the best place to put shorthand game names like that and something that would definitely be hugely helpful. One of the biggest problems when importing games is that sometimes the GamesDB wants too much of an exact match in order to find a game, a perfect example would be a game with 2 or II in the title. Shorthand file names tend to be harder for the DB to recognize as well; I've run into this with MAME games as well.
  6. voicesinthedark

    Playstation 2 adapter woes

    I don't personally have an adaptor like this as I just bought a ds usb controller but I looked around google and found this, it might help: https://www.epforums.org/showthread.php?83873-driver-for-blue-triangular-playstation-1-controller-to-usb-adapter
  7. voicesinthedark

    Help. Artwork hunters needed

    @Klopjero Sorry I haven't replied sooner than this, been spending as much time with my dog as possible because in the almost three years I've had her we've never been apart for more than a few hours and I know she's going to take it hard when I finally stop procrastinating and go to the hospital. lol I haven't messed around with the little red riding hood one yet, but I might be able to do something with it thanks to some of the other images of the front cover you provided, think the back cover is going to need to be a recreation thou. As far as the might and magic trilogy, if no one else can find a high enough resolution scan for you I did find an image of the Dutch version of the box that should be able to be resampled and cleaned up and then the bonus scenario badge will just have to be recreated because that's not on the Dutch box, but it shouldn't be that hard to do.
  8. voicesinthedark

    R.I.P. TheISOZone

    Okay you just became my new best friend. lol I had no idea about that black magic hoodoo voodoo workaround script thing for EP, thank you so much for mentioning that.
  9. voicesinthedark

    R.I.P. TheISOZone

    Yeah sorry I should have been more clear when I said "..thanks to Nintendo.." and specified that I mentioned the domino effect from the situation with Nintendo and Roms. I knew I was tired when I read the statement, but somehow I totally missed that section. That makes it a whole lot better knowing it's just a changing of the guard type of thing so hopefully nothing important will be lost. This definitely isn't as bad as losing emup.
  10. voicesinthedark

    Working Star Wars Pod Racer MAME?

    awesome, thanks for the info. I knew some of the more "modern" arcade games were using pretty much the same thing as what was in the consoles, just didn't know that was one of them. ...and now my hunt begins. lol
  11. voicesinthedark

    Working Star Wars Pod Racer MAME?

    ahhh okay, thanks. So is the Sega Hikaru Board basically just the same as the Dreamcast was then just obviously a commerical arcade board version?
  12. voicesinthedark

    Working Star Wars Pod Racer MAME?

    Has anyone ever managed to find a working MAME version of the Star Wars Episode 1: Pod Racer game or are we just stuck with console/pc versions of the game? sorry if this has been asked before, I tried searching the forums before making a new topic and didn't come up with anything.
  13. voicesinthedark

    R.I.P. TheISOZone

    yeah most of it has been transferred, but not all. The other thing is they didn't host the files just links to them like most roms sites so if they were "safe" then why the need to switch?
  14. voicesinthedark

    R.I.P. TheISOZone

    Not sure if ya'll have seen the statement on TheISOZone webpage but thanks yet again to Nintendo another huge rom and gaming info archive has been lost.
  15. voicesinthedark

    Help. Artwork hunters needed

    Now where would the fun in that be? lol