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Incorrext platform name in Big Box theme wheel


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I recently added the NeoGeo to launchbox and BigBox using RetroArch and FBAlpha following a helpful youtube video. The author recommended scraping using Arcade and this worked well with good box art and videos from EmuMovies. I think it may have led to a small problem?

The platform lists as NeoGeo in launchbox and if I edit it I see NeoGeo but when I launch BigBox the platform shows as Arcade in the wheel. The platform video is correct and shows NeoGeo. I have looked at as much as I can but hoped somebody could tell me where I can edit something so that the wheel shows NeoGeo in BigBox for the platform.

I hope I have explained everything well enough. It's a small but irritating thing! Not least because I now have 2 arcade platforms in BigBox even though one of them is NeoGeo.

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Thank you once again. I downloaded some clear logos and copied a suitable NeoGeo image and then followed the path to the file and sure enough the clear logo image was arcade. I deleted it and pasted the NeoGeo logo. Frustratingly the arcade logo is still there in Bigbox. Am I doing something really stupid?  I am not sure what to do next. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hi all. I managed to solve the problem in case others are novices and need information like me! I also had to go into options in Bigbox then select Image Cache and finally Refresh Platform Wheel Images. Thanks again for the support.

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