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I'm using Hyperspin and Rocketlauncher... using MESS to emulate which works fine but my problem is mapping the buttons for some games. intellivision has that unique controller with the number pad and I can't get those buttons to work. Playing Night Stalker I can move around the maze fine and for some reason I can shoot up and to the left but that's it. Any good info out there mapping intellivision games?

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6 minutes ago, Zombeaver said:

If you're using Hyperspin and RocketLauncher I'd suggest asking your questions on the Hyperspin or possibly the RocketLauncher forums.



Thanks for the links!


3 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

Emulating the num pad sucks no matter what you do or use, either use the num pad on your keyboard or map most of it to the right analog stick of an XBox or PS controller and fill in the buttons where you can.

Yea, this has been driving me nuts. Glad to hear its not just me! I'll try the PS controller, thanks!

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20 minutes ago, Tonyd6269 said:

so with Xpadder as long as you know the keyboard commands you can program them to a USB controller? 


Yes. You can basically replace one button with another or a combination of buttons.

You should be able to do this directly in RA as well. I've never messed with Colecovision in RA, but the blueMSX core supports it; and I've used it for MSX/MSX2.

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3 minutes ago, Zombeaver said:

Err wait, you were asking about Intellivision not Colecovision. You might be able to do that with the MAME core, haven't tried it though. MAME can be kindof hit or miss for some systems like that. I don't think there's a dedicated Intellivision core in RA.

Yea, Intellivision seems to really be an issue. I think Xpadder may work although I have never used Xpadder but it looks promising. 

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