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Dophin and Triforce roms - Region issue


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Hi I'm using Dolphin 5 and trying to play Sega Triforce games.

It has previously been setup and running gamecube/wii games

I imported the triforce .ISOs into launchbox and dolphin runs F-Zero great without any settings changed. 

Other games are an issue.

The error with Mario kart Arcade is (invalid country) Continue with PAl region? If I click yes I get error "unkown DVD command 4d4a1ef - fatal error"

Mario Kart arcade 2 error is unkown DVD command 52444cfb - fatal error"

Virtua Striker 3 gives "unkown DVD command a06b53e2 - fatal error" and then loads more with different codes.

My bios options under Gamecube are grayed out.

triforce folder is added to paths

Pls Halp



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It has been about a year since I messed with Triforce roms and Dolphin but most people then were only able to get Dolphin to play triforce roms by using a Triforce branch of Dolphin and some setting changes/hacks. There were a few games that could run in Dolphin, but most needed to be played in the Triforce branch. This wiki on Mario Kart GP gives some info on how to get Mario running. 

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