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I was wondering, if you hide a percentage of your collection, would it speed up LaunchBox the same way deleting them would?  Also, is there a way to display all hidden games in a list to then decide which games to un-hide?  Or do you have to reveal all hidden games at once?

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I'm not an expert here, but I don't think hiding games will give a noticeable speed boost. My limited rationale on this is that launchbox still has to parse the same xmls and sort through the same list of art assets and videos. 

You can hide and unhide games on a per game basis. Just right click the game, and click "edit". You can use the audit feature to have more control over games you want to bulk hide/unhide.

If you're a licensed member, what I did was to have two launchbox installs (since launchbox is portable). One, filled with everything I could fill it with. The other install is strictly for the games I actually play and/or want to play. Sort of a Best Of install. I handpicked games for that one and it runs like a charm. I use the latter most frequently, and only fire up the big one to show off or if I'm in the mood to play a random game.

Edit: I think I just understood your question, you mean can you show a list of only hidden games? I don't think so. 

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