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Classic99 won't load ROMs


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I've been trying to get into TI-99/4A emulation and the emulator I had the most success with was Classic99.  However, when I try to start a game from LaunchBox, it starts the emulator without loading the game.  The TI splash screen comes up but when I press a key to continue, it only gives me the option of using TI BASIC, as if there were no ROM loaded.  I checked the ROMs and they work fine when I load them from within Classic99.  I tried fiddling with quotation mark and other things, read over the documentation, googled and found nothing.  I'm assuming there's a default command line parameter I need.  Can anyone advise me on what to do?

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What i ended up doing because i wanted to play parsec.  I tried classic99 but i never could get fullscreen quite right.

i download latest separate version of Mess separate from Mame.   then just wrote a batch file and have launchbox running that.



cd\users\brandon\retro emulators\mess

mess64.exe ti99_4a -cart parsec -peb:slot3 speech


Never could get running in new version of mame, i still cant get my head around mess bios folder structure.  all the required bios files just in roms directory.

know thats probably not the proper way but whatever works


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To the original poster: I realize that this response is about five years late, but hopefully someone can still derive some benefit from it.  The only way that I've gotten Classic99 to play nicely with LaunchBox is to:

  - Add the desired game manually and uncheck "Use an emulator to play this game"

  - Under the "Launching" tab, browse to the location of your "Classic99.exe" in "Application Path"

  - Under "Application Command-Line Parameters" enter the following:          -rom "path/to/file/ROM NAME.G"

You'll notice that the "ROM NAME" example above has a "G" suffix.  This is because all of the roms that I've found thus far usually consist of one or two files for each game, with each file being designated C,D,G, etc.  What worked for me was to rename each file according to the type of file that it is.  For example, downloaded Pole Position for the TI-99/4A.  It consisted of two files: "PolePositionC.bin" and "PolePositionG.bin".  I found that Classic99 expects the files of a game rom to be named the same, so I renamed those files "PolePosition.C" and "PolePosition.G".  Once I did that, LaunchBox was able to load the roms correctly and I could launch any game I wanted from the LaunchBox interface.

I hope my instructions were clear enough, and I hope this information is helpful to someone.

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