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Feature Request: More Configuration options!


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Please vote for this option here VOTE HERE


Enable the ability to assign button combinations

Enable assigning multiple buttons to the same hotkey


I would like to get more keyboard/Controller/Mouse hotkey options  For instance currently there is no hotkey:

to go to next system
to go to next alphabet letter
to go to bottom of list
to go to top of list
to open options
to edit a file
**to mark a favorite**
disable mouse
**INTEGRATE MOUSE AND CONTROLLER** (make them act as 1)
record a video
take a snapshot


Yet we already have a shortcut key to:
Show status
Show sources
Show developers
show publishers
set star rating


And there are odd shortcut keys like:
Volume up = + but volume down = n
Page down = next (I did check this and it works correctly)


Also more abilities to quickly edit the location of image directories, this could be handled by xml, cfg, a built in program, or simply a bulk edit for the root of the images

For example I have my Nintendo 64 images on d:\images\Nintendo 64 in all the sorted categories fron, back, clear logo, etc.  The default location is d:\frontends\launchbox\images\Nintendo 64\Images, so if I could do a bulk edit feature and put in d:\images\Nintendo 64 and everything moves to that.

Please vote for this option here VOTE HERE



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