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mame 161 exe needs me to type in the rom name


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Hi and welcome. :)

First of all that is a very old version of MAME, any reason why you are still using it?

Secondly, you only need to type the name of the rom if you are opening mame itself, that's not needed at all if your games are imported into Launchbox as that tells mame what game to load.

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Thanks for the quick reply.  Ya I guess I'll have to try another version.  Have used mame with launchbox before and worked like a charm but that computer died and I forgot where I got the mames from lol! So I just tried to find the roms and emulator that matched.  Usually I can just click on the mame exe and then it's a totally different interface, but with this one I didn't even know how to play at first until i realized typing worked.  Launchbox just does nothing now.  Also I used to use the exe file that was square, orange, and blue.  Not the baby blue M.  

Long story short I'll try another emulator romset I guess.

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Look for a mame.ini file and see where it is, it needs to be placed in the main Mame install folder where the executable is.

Your associated platform is whatever you called yours if you didn't use the default which is Aracde5a7d19b787ab8_2018-02-0822_46_46-EditEmulator.thumb.png.fda5dcccdf181a9c034a13f23aa7917f.pngLike I said, I know Mame 161 works because it was a version I have used in the past with Launchbox. It could be possible you are using some oddball offshoot build of Mame that functions differently but if you are using a version compiled by the Mame devs themselves and uploaded to their download site it should work.

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