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RetroArch Crashing in Big Box

Lord Exor

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RetroArch isn't always the most stable program, and can be quite fickle; even a simple change in a single setting can cause the program to potentially crash. While it isn't exactly a common occurrence to experience crashes, they happen nonetheless. For my machine, I'm not keep on keeping a mouse and keyboard connected in the event that this happens, and I am unable to click on "okay" and regain control of Big Box with only a controller when the Windows error message appears. Is there a way to handle the error window with a controller so I don't have to plug in a mouse or restart the system? Any help would be appreciated, thanks. 

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I am not sure of a way for you to do this with a controller. Instead of having a large keyboard and mouse you could try keeping on of these handy. I use it with my kids mini pc arcade whenever I need a keyboard/mouse. It is bluetooth so works fine for the little tinkering or task closing in case of errors. 

If you are having crashes like this in RA I would recommend probably downloading a fresh version into a different folder and seeing if you get the same crashes. I had this occur and anytime I changed something RA would crash. With a new install in a new folder it does not happen. So likely that other version had some corrupt in the files. 

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