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Most of game videos in BigBox stopped working


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Okay, this is a really weird problem I cannot figure out. I have added tons of system and games to my LaunchBox and when I did so originally I had everything ticked for EmuMovies (I have a full premium account), Everything has worked perfectly up until now.

Recently I updated all the metadata and media for my 15k+ games, I selected the option to not replace any existing stuff but just to fill in the blanks. It took 4 days to do but afterwards in BigBox most of the game preview videos do not work. I only mention that as it is the only thing I have done lately to everything.

Not the games are either showing a game-play screenshot instead or nothing. Here is an example: I only have 8 PS1 games and before they were ALL showing their preview videos, then they did not, just before posting this I updated the media for the 8 PS1 games only selecting to update the videos from EmuMovies and now they are all showing correctly again.

I cannot figure out what is going on as everything originally worked just fine.

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Edit 2: Nevermind, it's the Nostalgia theme I'm  using. 


I noticed this also after recently upgrading to 8.1 from 7.1. It seems VLC now has a problem with flv videos, my mp4 videos work fine. I've tried replacing VLC with older or newer versions but I sometimes wind up with the same issue or an error since LB is expecting another version. Seems my only option now is to download mp4 sets or convert. Not sure what I'll do yet. 

Edit: Actually, VLC standalone seems to play them just fine. Not sure what the problem is.

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I’m actually using WMP as my player and the videos play fine when they do play. So for me at least that’s not the issue, it’s a mystery. I actually deleted LaunchBox along with all my previous hard work with it 2 days ago and am starting from scratch on a new computer. Hopefully I’ll run into less gremlins this time.

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