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Switching from Merged to Split


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so I was able to get to this today. I did leave the merge same name roms, but I still see duplicates. crap, think I answered my own question after typing this outloud. Key word "name". although the pictured games are the same, they don't have the same name. Should start keeping a list and let people submit and when importing the app can go out and get the updated list for things like this. Would have to be curated tho obviously.



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When you import ROMs you are presented with this option

2018-03-11_23-08-17.png.a9de3e7e266a06cd5872e0f82aae61ec.pngTake Batsugun, it's 2 rom versions of the same game. Had they had the exact same title for both, they would have been merged combined and then I could right click and decide which one I want to play. Since they names are not identical, I have to do a manual merge combine. If there was some sort of database where in we as users could mark that these are identical, then this could be prevented.

Edit: Sorry I shouldn't be using the word "merged", but "combined"

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There's 4 different versions of this game:


Batsugun batsugun

Batsugun (Korea PCB) batsugunb

Batsugun (older set) batsuguna

Batsugun - Special Verson batsugunsp

But yeah, I see what you're saying. Hopefully in the future there's a 'Combine clone ROMs into the Parent'

That would help elevate the pain.



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