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  1. I'll have to figure out exactly how to do that. There's too many options and i don't know how to execute that
  2. Hey, guys, This operation takes forever and unless I have a faulty HDD, I can't understand or figure it out Lol Takes 24 hours to DL a few hundred images https://imgur.com/a/WH5epOq
  3. Hey guys, it's been a while since I last posted. I got moved and everything is all good now. My question is I run LaunchBox on my main PC using MAME & RetroArch (Windows 10 O/S) and it's wonderful. Does everything I need it to and I don't have a single issue. Now I have a second PC that's totally offline because it's connected to a consumer Sony Trinitron CRT using a component transcoder and hacked video driver (CRT_EMUDRIVER) plus Windows 7 (640X480) desktop resolution. which then allows me to run GroovyMAME in 240P @ 15kHz Is there a way with my main PC to create some image and setup that will allow me to run some barebones version of Launchbox with some theme and artwork/videos for this offline setup? I'm assuming here that LB requires modern dependencies and such so there would be problems with offline and old non-updated O/S [Feature Request] A current updated version of LB that's licensed has an option to create an image of a basic version of LB (doesn't need to be latest version with all bells & whistles) that would work with GroovyMAME on offline PC If this is already possible, please tell me how. Thanks!!
  4. You don't need any update packs if you're not using a rom manager. Just point the 206 full torrent to your 204 set and your client will hash check and simply download what you're missing. The overall data is mostly the same. The roms themselves don't change much these days.
  5. It's always been an intentional design that you can launch incomplete sets from command-line Quote from a MAME Developer: Another option I like doing is create a neogeo.ini and chuck it in the ini folder with the following line in it: bios unibios32
  6. There's an option named joystick_contradictory in the mame.ini Not sure if enabling that for specific games is the result you're after.
  7. Or just use regular MAME and allow LaunchBox to customize your game listing with all of the features and capabilities it has. Using a gimped derivative binary is not the right way to do thing
  8. If you run the software list versions of Streets Of Rage 2 and 3 with MAME you can use Pugsy's cheats that allows you access to a bunch of settings you can enable or disable. mame64 genesis sor2u mame64 genesis sor3u
  9. Technically it's a MAME derivative but labeled as a continuation of MAMEUIFX
  10. The idea behind the Arcade only builds is that they *only* support Arcade games. They're not meant to play console systems or software list supported machines. MAME has console drivers if you wish to use them. I recommend getting the official release build at mamedev.org
  11. The -video d3d version of HLSL reads values from either the mame.ini or specific ini files in location ini and/or ini/presets The advantage of HLSL using BGFX is you can switch effects in real-time while the emulation is running with TAB/Slider Controls/ Window 0, Screen 0 effect. Also, to change values you must edit the appropriate .json file in location MAME\bgfx\chains The advantage to this is you can have hundreds of .json files and it wouldn't matter what the names of them are. You can switch files in real-time using MAME's internal menu which you can't do with d3d HLSL.
  12. Software lists are really convenient because the Dome of Pleasure and other places post complete torrents of them. I'd love LaunchBox to better support software lists. All it would have to do is parse the appropriate XML and simply utilize the software name then scrape according to what the description is. Using an example from what is posted above LaunchBox scans and finds archive 007tld then it finds matching name in the XML and scrapes as the description field. Done! That's basically all it has to do. The user will have the entire root folder in their rompath of mame.ini so it can just simply work when launching without LB needing to do much of anything.
  13. Thanks neil, I'll get my license upgraded and hopefully that solves my problem. Apparently I bought the 1 year instead of the lifetime option.
  14. Yes, I've done that before I posted. When I change views they don't match what you've posted in your examples in the OP (specifically the RetroFresh Demo V1.1) It's like something doesn't render or isn't correct on my system, but I can't figure out what it is. I've extracted all 4 of the different RF themes and get the same result regardless of RF theme used. When I hover over Nintendo, I get the results in the pic I posted. Same thing happens with Genesis. I don't get a cool looking Sonic and tails with 5 different games showing. Mine looks like this Perhaps something is ticked or not ticked in bigbox which is failing for me, but I can't figure it out.
  15. I'm using Retro Fresh Detailed and the platform sections are looking very bland. It basically shows a video fullscreen and nothing else. I've fooled with a bunch of settings and can't figure it out. Once I select a platform and start viewing games, everything is looking as it should. Help please!
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