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  1. You can try mine. Modeled after this. Might not be too hard to change.
  2. Guessing @aageon is no longer around? Would like to have this. Won't download on Onedrive. Should have been uploaded here.
  3. Made using the theme creator from @y2guru Only views are platform and game wheel 1, text filter, text game, text platform. I think. Five4.zip
  4. This is awesome. Making my first theme. Are you accepting suggestions?
  5. First off, this is amazing and you are a great developer. Couple questions. Where can I get .40? How do I get platform/games images and videos to show while editing? I set the path to BigBox and I have games in there. UPDATE: I went to publish and got this error. It is the correct location of LB, but I don't have a dir called Default. Just Arcade and CriticalZoneV2- Default at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) at System.IO.File.InternalCopy(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean overwrite, Boolean checkHo
  6. Ya, I get it. A pride thing for use as licensed users. 🤜
  7. ya, it was for ALL. Will try your suggestion. Thanks. Have you ever thought of tying the forum login to a purchased license so you know which people are licensed?
  8. @Jason Carr Ya, i'm dumb. Been doing so much, can't keep track. It was for checking for added ROMs. Having said that, why would it show all that?
  9. except this one. the download is in this thread, just wanted to know if it was officially released
  10. wasn't adding games, just missing media. Not sure why it is coming up with all those as ROMs? Was using "Download metadata and media..."
  11. if u can remove my quote, that would be great. Thanks for pointing in the right direction. I believe I had downloaded vector/raster files from @Lordmonkus somewhere here. Plopped them in and works awesome.
  12. So back to this.... anyone? Bueller? @Jason Carr?
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