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  1. dbinott

    Win7 or Win10?

    Ram is an easy upgrade if that is the only road block.
  2. dbinott

    Win7 or Win10?

    4gb, but can up it. crap, I hope not. Thought it would be better than an atom z8350 at least. I needed something that small, and not too expensive.
  3. dbinott

    Win7 or Win10?

    I just procured an older NUC 1.7ghz that I want to use with LB/BB. In came with windows 7. Wondering if it's worth it or not to go to windows 10? I know EOL for win7 is coming up, if not passed already. But if I can get better performance with win7 when using BB, I will keep it.
  4. Any idea bout this? I did the "unblock" on the 7zip file. Tried to run as administrator.
  5. I have 3 monitors on my desktop where I have LB. LB will start on the monitor I want (#2), but when I launch a game, it will always go to monitor #1 which I don't want. Is this an LB thing or emulator thing or is it not a thing and will only ever play on main monitor?
  6. ok, did that, only didn't have the beta check. restarted but no notice or anything. should something appear? n/m. came up now
  7. I must be dense or something, but where is the download?
  8. ya, I have 3 or 4 of them. Doesn't run LB or BB obviously tho.
  9. I was just curious. Mine works fine, but since I created all those ugc files felt others could use them as well.
  10. That's exactly the one I am referring to. Only 1100 games listed. Granted none of the 8-ways are there since it is a default. Are you using that whole package as is instead of the built in support RL has?
  11. If there is, I never found them. I did find one that a guy made with ahk and an ini file but there were a ton of games missing.
  12. Sorry, it's not Intel. It's AMD A-Series Chipset, with AMD A8-5500 with MSI FM2-A75IA-E53 https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/FM2-A75IA-E53/Specification I use the BGFX option in MAME because it was the only way to get my monitor to work with MAME for some reason. But I don't specifically add shaders.
  13. I came across an ATI Radeon X800 512MB. Basically just running MAME and Daphne. Would adding this card add any value over the onboard Intel video?
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