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Sega Model 3 Controls Configuration setup


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Hello Everyone!

So after reading a bunch of help files and posts, I decide to make one that is hopefully super easy and understandable for noobs (barely understand CMD commands.) like myself when it comes to setting up the Sega Model 3 controls.  This worked for me, so hopefully it also works for you.

Here we go:

  1. After downloading the Sega model 3 emulator and unzipping it into your emulators folder, right click and make sure it runs as ADMINISTRATOR
  2. Go to your Start button, press it and type in the search bar "CMD", then right click on the result and "Run as Administrator"
  3. You should get a screen that is a DOS PROMPT
  4. Open the folder window where your emulator is located at and click in the bar to show the location of the folder.  My folder is E:.  Right Click and Copysm3.png.df750252001f86c99cefcc3e0bd12de1.png
  5. Go to your CMD window and "right click and PASTE"
  6. You should now be in the drive and folder where your emulator is located at.  If not, To access another drive, type that drive’s letter, followed by “:”. For instance, if you wanted to change the drive from “C:” to “D:”, you should type “d:” and then press Enter on your keyboard.
  7. Once you are in the drive your CMD prompt should be pointing to the folder that your emulator is at.
  8. type in this at the prompt:               supermodel -config-inputs
  9. It will then give you a SECOND DOS window that is blank, DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW, just move it to the side
  10. Click back on the original window to make sure FOCUS is on that one.
  11. Press Enter to activate mapping and you will see the word SETTING pop up.  Now press the key you want to map to each control question.sm2.png.3657e7c1cfda333dd9d615a24af4eddf.png
  12. Follow through each one and you can always press ESC to cancel the selection and try again.
  13. When you are done.  PRESS q

Your done!  Enjoy Sega Model 3!



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I tried to go to the links that you sent the url to but all of them are full of popups and redirections.

Others may want to try this: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ru8a3zuffw63rfo/Supermodel-r715+Release.zip

Just configure it with the same instructions.  works like a charm.  Thanks for the updated emulator info.

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6 hours ago, Dr.wario64 said:

i still cannot manage to use my xbox controller
is there something i'm missing?

My advice is to do it via ini, not with CMD, it's easier and faster  :)

Go in Config folder and open Supermodel.ini with a text editor.

I have an xbox360 gamepad and works good.

An example :

; Common
InputStart1 = "KEY_1,JOY1_BUTTON8"
InputStart2 = "KEY_2,JOY2_BUTTON8"
InputCoin1 = "KEY_3,JOY1_BUTTON7"
InputCoin2 = "KEY_4,JOY2_BUTTON7"
InputServiceA = "KEY_5"
InputServiceB = "KEY_7"
InputTestA = "KEY_6"
InputTestB = "KEY_8"

Start is Start and Coin is Select ( I binded also keys for these as you can see ).

You can bind more buttons to just one like MAME.

Example :

; Fighting game buttons
InputPunch = "JOY1_BUTTON1,JOY1_BUTTON2"

Both button 1 and 2 will do Punch

An example for binding wheel and gas/brake :

; Steering wheel
InputSteeringLeft = "KEY_LEFT"      ; digital, turn wheel left
InputSteeringRight = "KEY_RIGHT"    ; digital, turn wheel right
InputSteering = "JOY1_XAXIS"        ; analog, full steering range

; Pedals
InputAccelerator = "KEY_UP,JOY1_RZAXIS_POS"

Steering is with Left stick, Gas is Right Trigger and Brake is Left Trigger.

Remember to check the line about InputSystem and put xinput otherwise will not work for xbox controllers.

Hope it helps



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3 hours ago, Dr.wario64 said:

i tried

only the coin and start button works none of the rest of my controller buttons

is it possible to share your setting in a complete copy?

Send me yours and I will look at it

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31 minutes ago, BriaNamI said:

Can you post your config?  I would like to try it to see if I can get my 360 p1 and p2 working.

Send me yours via DM and I will take a look. Mine is full of things you can't understand and it's better to not share it because it can complicate the things  :P

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Got it to work!


Now if I could only get my two Aimtraks to work!!!!!!  Gun two controls player one on Virtua Cop, Lost World, HOTD, etc.  Both guns work like a charm on Teknoparrot.  It's impossible.  I've looked at 20 different videos, and tried to setup Demulshooter.  EH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This has been one rabbit hole that is very deep.

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This helped me so much. The only problem is that i cannot set the controls. I am using a keyboard to play but nothing seems to work, no matter what key i press. The only key that works is number one (1) for the "start Player 1". After that nothing, its like my keyboard is dead. 

Is there something i can do?

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