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Dolphin Command Line Parameters?


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Does anyone out there know where to find or have access to command line parameters for Dolphin? What I want to do is set up two Dolphin emulators in LaunchBox - one at original resolution and one at HD so the player can pick one using the "Launch with..." option in BigBox. Searched everywhere for a list but can't find it anywhere. Thanks!

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By default Dolphin stores its info in the user directory, so all instances of Dolphin on your system will use the same settings. In order to have two installs with different settings you will need to make your Dolphins portable, which will save the setting info inside of the dolphin folder so you can have 2 with different settings. You just need to name them slightly differently in Launchbox, like Dolphin native, and dolphin hi res for example.

Here is the wiki page on portable dolphin setup.


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14 minutes ago, brenavich980 said:

I see. So if I wanted Dolphin versions to share the global config (say for the stable and nightly builds) I'd install as normal. But if I wanted an install of Dolphin to deviate from the global config I would need to make it portable?



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That was easy. Just create a text file named "portable,txt" in the same folder as the executable and it worked! I also copied over my global config files over to the new, portable version so I didn't have to reset controls and the like and just changed the resolution. Thank you very much!

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