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  1. Make sure your games aren’t marked as hidden or broken in Launchbox by right clicking and selecting Edit.
  2. Thanks! They are a very capable, solid controller. Hope you get one soon.
  3. That was easy. Just create a text file named "portable,txt" in the same folder as the executable and it worked! I also copied over my global config files over to the new, portable version so I didn't have to reset controls and the like and just changed the resolution. Thank you very much!
  4. I see. So if I wanted Dolphin versions to share the global config (say for the stable and nightly builds) I'd install as normal. But if I wanted an install of Dolphin to deviate from the global config I would need to make it portable?
  5. Does anyone out there know where to find or have access to command line parameters for Dolphin? What I want to do is set up two Dolphin emulators in LaunchBox - one at original resolution and one at HD so the player can pick one using the "Launch with..." option in BigBox. Searched everywhere for a list but can't find it anywhere. Thanks!
  6. Yeah! You just fixed my problem with a Buffalo SNES Controller wreaking havoc in Launchbox. NOICE!
  7. Love to see you do some playlist vids such as Favorites, Most Played and the like. Keep up the good work!

  8. I do the same thing and works great. Hotkey is set to hold right stick in then L1/R1 to select slot, L2 save, R2 load, or home button to exit. A bit tedious to set up a profile for each emulator but once you're done it works like a charm.
  9. Here's a scenario I need help with. I have 2 builds (call them A and B) and I want to optimize, tweak and update on build A and transfer all that work to build B to have two identical builds. Other than the additional files and tweaks outside of LaunchBox, what files do I need to update on build B that are explicitly associated with LaunchBox? Basically I want to work on my build A while traveling and then update my build B once I get home. Thanks!
  10. Is there a way to have a separate theme for playlists? Right now Playlists take on whatever I have set for Platform Categories. This doesn't work in my case as the Platform Categories series uses a full video theme and I don't really have videos for my playlists. It's just a black screen which breaks the presentation. The random video option doesn't seem to apply in the options menu either. Hoping to have a list view for my playlist section. Can this be done? Thanks!
  11. Tried collecting but found out real quick that it was WAY too expensive for my blood. I'm all in on emulation as a hobby to see what can be built and trying to achieve the best setup possible. Playing the games, for me at least, is almost secondary.
  12. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! That NUC build is flat-out the best retro gaming experience I've ever had. Lot of work setting everything up but man was it worth it!
  13. Just finished up my arcade cab (less graphics which will get done someday) and thought I'd share my builds. All of these builds boot directly into Big Box and use a mix of GFCE, Critical Zone 1.8, and default themes. Arcade Cabinet - First is a wall-mounted arcade cabinet designed from scratch in Sketchup but loosely based on a Donkey Kong cabinet. I used 3/4" and 1/2" melamine, a 2x4" frame and Plexiglas. Everything is modular and can be taken apart and put back together with a screwdriver and a crescent wrench. Controls are Happ Suzzo and a i-PAC2 keyboard encoder. Two USB controller po
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