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NeoGeo AES video scraping


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I have NeoGeo roms that I imported as AES which are using the MAME naming convention, ie Aof, Aof2, etc. It successfully imports and updates the images and metadata but the videos aren't recognized, I guess because they're using the MAME naming convention. Is there something I'm doing wrong or does LB not recognize NeoGeo AES videos if they're not fully named? And what's the easiest way to rename them? 

Edit: I just downloaded a renamed video set. Much faster than creating a script. 

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I mean I have my own personal collection of videos for NeoGeo but they have MAME names. It seems LB knows to use MAME-named roms for AES and conveniently shows the full title when imported, it just doesn't seem to understand MAME-named videos. I suppose I could create a script to do this but since I'm not well-versed in those things, by the time I do I could probably receive a good answer here. 

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Ok, tried a different video pack. No matter what I do I can't get my NeoGeo video set to be recognized unless I point each game to its respective video in LB, only a few work without manual fixing. Same with the MAME games now that I notice. I think it's maybe the MAME naming convention, for videos, that it has a problem with. 

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