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A few problems on emulating Atari Lynx With Mednafen.


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I finally got Atari Lynx working with Mednafen, But something tells me that this program is made for DOS nerds :).

Everything is working fine and already learned some commands and got my xbox one controller set up, But there are 2 minor things i'll need a little help with.

1. I can't get a horizontal fullscreen on my 3840x2160 (16:9) screen resolution, Only a vertical  fullscreen (Almost fullscreen), So how do i stretch the window after rotating it?, It's in vertical when i launch a game.

2. How do i save the configuration after it's set up?.




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Mednafen is a command line emulator unless you get one of the 3rd party GUIs for it.

All settings are stored in the mednafen.cfg file which can be rather unwieldy but it is broken up sections that make sense. All the general settings are at the top and each system is broken up by a 2 letter prefix.

They do have great documentation though on what everything is, this can be found in the Documenation folder of your Mendafen install folder or their website here: https://mednafen.github.io/documentation/

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Allright, Up until now i've just made some simple settings by using the option menu with F1. I can boot it with no problems and my controller also works fine, It's just that it boots up in fullscreen sideways and it would be nice if i could rotate it and get a wider screen (It's very narrow).

I also tried the Handy emulator, But it really likes to crash when choosing different fullscreen modes and now it has come to the point where it crashes every time i try to boot a game with it.

Wish i had some more sparetime.


Thank's for the reply.


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Yes!!, That was the version i used.

I found an easier solution by using Mednaffe as a frontend for Mednafen, And WOW!! that was so much more simple (And everything is now configured exactly as i wanted).

Just one more question, Is it possible to make 2 application paths to use when i right-click on a rom (1 for mednaffe and 1 for mednafen) In case i need to configure something with Mednaffe.


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