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Problems with RetroArch in LaunchBox


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Hi, I'm a total noob to LaunchBox and emulation in general, so apologies in advance.

I've managed to connect RetroArch to LaunchBox, but there's a problem. LaunchBox claims RetroArch is "Missing Core Files" on Cores that I definitely have installed on RetroArch. For example, I have the Nestopia UE emulator installed and running NES ROMs in RetroArch. However, in my "Manage Emulators" settings, LaunchBox claims that RetroArch is "Missing Core Files" for Nestopia.

The overall problem is that when I press play on my game, nothing happens. Also, when I right-click on the game and try to Launch With RetroArch, nothing happens. However, when I Launch With Nestopia, it boots right up.

I know it's not the ROM, because it works in the Nestopia standalone emulator I have also installed, and I don't believe it's a problem from RetroArch, because the Nestopia core works in RetroArch just fine. I haven't tried ROMs for other consoles, but I would imagine the results would be the same.371823231_Screenshot(2).thumb.png.b1119ce4dce1a448f148b255c6ba9de1.png1608812898_Screenshot(3).thumb.png.7e8851498eec67be493f9887c5c72501.png

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I meant in your file manager like this but I can see that you do have the Nestopia, Mupen64 and Genesis GX cores downloaded. At first I was thinking maybe because your emulator path was in a sub folder of your Launchbox install folder was causing the issue but I checked my HTPC install which is set up that way and it detected all my cores just fine.

2018-06-12 21_39_38-cores.png

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7 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

your paths are different your emulator is in Emulators Retroarch and those cores are in Downloads Retroarch

Wow... I feel stupid.

I had all my cores within the RetroArch application itself, but within my RetroArch Cores folder in my LAunchBox directory, the Cores were not there. All I had to do was copy and paste my cores from the other folder into this one. Thank you both for all your help!

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