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Does a rom import overwrite or skip existing media?


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If I copy over a set of roms, and then go into ..launchbox/images, videos, music and manuals and dump files there, then run the rom import wizard to create that new platform, does it overwrite what I put there or just get what it doesn't see there already? I want to save a lot of time by not downloading what I already have, but have it find any media in other folders I may have missed and get any media that I might have missed in each folder.

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I answered part of my question. It looks like you have to uncheck boxes on import where it asks if you would like to download "images". But I still have 2 questions. 1. How is music downloaded? Did I miss that on one of the screens? 2. Right after it asks you to hit next or uncheck "images" it asks the same thing for "media". What's the difference? I have an emumovies account. Is the "images" from LB and the "media" from emu? Why would I want all of both checked?

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4 minutes ago, FlightRisk said:

Why would I want all of both checked?

Because they are different services and will have different media and images, music is only available from emumovies if you have premium for example, as are manuals. They are different, a lot of images will be the same on both but it depends really, also emumovies is the only place to get movies, manuals and music as the Launchbox database doesn't support that media.

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