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BigBox Not Shuffling Music


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Hey! So I have my BigBox set up as a front-end for my Multicade, with numerous arcade titles to play, going so far as to add arcade music to the "Launchbox/Music/Background" folder so that it will shuffle through various arcade musics while the game screen is up. It works excellently and I even added album art and info for each game so it displays the song name, game it's from and who the artist is, along with a nice image of the game box art when a new song plays. To make sure the album art is retained for every song, I have each game's music in a different folder within the Background folder. It displays everything fine, but the issue I'm having is it's not shuffling the music, no matter how I set it up. 


Here's a better description of the problem: When I launch Big Box, it does select a random song, but afterwards it will sequentially play every song from that game (folder), before moving to the next game alphabetically and playing all the music from it as well. If I force it to next song with the BigBox binding, it will indeed select a random song, but afterwards will go back to playing them alphabetically. I have shuffle turned on in settings, but no matter what it won't actually shuffle them if I leave it sitting. It's annoying, as I want it to ideally shuffle every track together, while also retaining album art and info (tried having them all mashed in one folder, this did not fix the issue and in addition messed up album art).


Does anybody have any suggestions?


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