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adding ppsspp in launchbox manually


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hi there 

im having a hard time adding ppsspp emulator in my launchbox. all other emulator are there except ppsspp. can someone help me to add ppsspp emulator manually. im dying to play my psp games in my pc. thanks for helping

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can you guide me how to?

I mean when I import my psp game I do click rom file then I proceed with what emulator I should use then a scroll bar appears a list of emulator to choose from such as retroarch,epsx,mame etc except ppsspp emulator. I do need ppsspp emulator to play my psp game. 

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Ok so go to Tools > Manage Emulators and in the bottom left corner click the +Add button.2010494087_2018-06-3021_40_36-ManageEmulators.thumb.png.8bf6a43b78fd48bf3456b94b0a778fdb.png

Fill in the Emulator name with whatever you want to call it and for the Emulator Application Path browse to where you have it installed and select the emulators executable.1921395364_2018-06-3021_41_59-AddEmulator.thumb.png.845df2c355b5715f60fe751f5690ae54.pngThen in the Associated Platforms tab of that you window you will want to fill in the  Associated Platform with the exact name of your PSP platform in Launchbox, difference in naming will make it not work. And in the Default Command Line Parameters put in --fullscreen like I have in the screenshot below, this will tell it to load in fullscreen mode.

1576821531_2018-06-3021_43_30-EditEmulator.thumb.png.aedd6310c71aedf3ffde1656aebfafe7.pngNow you can import your games and select PPSSPP from the list of emulators.

If you have games already imported you will need to tell them to use your newly added emulator, select all your games with Control + A and then edit using Control + E. This will bring up the bulk edit tool, in the drop down menu pick emulator and then the 2nd drop down menu pick your PPSSPP emulator.


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No problem, and that same procedure is the same for any emulator though in some cases the Default Command Line Parameter may be different and sometimes depending on the emulator certain check boxes in the Edit Emulator window where you set the emulator name and path may need to be toggled on or off.

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