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My budget build Pincade!

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Hey all,

First of all i have to give a big shout out to you unbroken devs because this software really is on point ?! It does exactly what it needs to and much much more. it really is turning out to be something special. So well done to you guys!

So I've had the LaunchBox software for a while now and i had been toying with a crazy idea to build myself a little virtual pinball / vertical arcade machine.

The main goal of this machine was CHEAP! I had all the materials laying around from various previous DIY projects and the monitor and 32" LCD were also freebies i had laying around. I didn't use any plans and just kind of went in blind. Its nothing special at all really and its a little rough around the edges but it works and it was very cheap to build. Now just need to tie up some loose ends, get some decals on it and then its all good to go. 

The PC inside is kind of slow and somewhat sluggish at best with cpu tasks (something to update at a later time), and it does struggle with the actual software running and game play at times but overall its really quite playable. I currently have it set up on Win7 and it boots straight into bigbox and straight into my one and only platform category "Pinball" ?

Using Pinball FX2 and FX3 via steam and it works great. 

(Plans to add some Shmups and vertical mame games are in the works. The controls are there just need to decided which games to put in).

So yeah here you go its nothing special but its fun and has given me, my friends and family countless hours of fun so far! 







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12 hours ago, whoozwah said:

looks great. Love that you tested it with dodonpachi :)

Thanks ☺️

 Yeah i just had to test the shmup setup. And i couldn't think of a more perfect game to test with ?

8 hours ago, alnyden said:

Nice!  What vertical theme are you using for Big Box?

Thanks ?

I'm using the Default Vertical Custom theme created by Maddoc1007 i believe its in the download section on this forum! it works rather well for my needs. Pretty basic but does the job! 

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That looks great. That would be perfect with shmups and I agree you can't find a better one to test it with than DoDonPachi. I have been playing it like crazy lately trying to better my performance. I was just thinking of getting something like this for my TV but I have always wanted to do something like you have there too, decisions...

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