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8.4 beta 7 > LB Next memory problem


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in an earlier version LBNext did not seem to like that my screen is ultrahd (3840*2160) > it seems solved

on the latest version beta 6, I have a big memory management problem.
I run LB.Next, and just click on the thumbnails of games, after basically having to click on 3-6 games, LBNext failure, and tells me
your system runs out of memory (RAM) and launchbox can not continue


my system Windows10 64bits

32GB ddr4

of which roughly 17GB of available at the time of the last tests ?‍♂️



beta 7 just installed ... it's worse

this version looks like a new one because of the resolution of my screen, and the simple fact of wanting to resize the window of LB.next makes crash the application always with a message as if I did not have enough RAM memory


edit 2

launchbox classic > in taskmanager 90Mo of memory

LB.Next start > it climbs in the 740-880MB and random "no answer"

but anyway as soon as I try to do something with it, LB.Next crashes with not enough memory


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I only use windows 10 at home

and he is well up to date

and I don't use the insider build

version professional


drivers video nvidia 397.55

cpu intel i7 5820K


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I think there's something else going on here. Even though it claims it's running out of RAM, it's using less than a gig of RAM, which is within normal limits. I've seen that error come up before even when it's not running out of RAM, so I think the error message is irrelevant. I know that doesn't really help us figure out what's going on though lol.

I'm guessing it's some sort of odd driver bug at this point. Though figuring out exactly what the problem is is likely to be a royal pain. I would first try switching video playback methods and disabling any controllers to see if that helps.

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