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So today I got me a Dolphin Bar, brand new 'Wii-U Remote Plus' Controller and a Nunchuck today....


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and I am very impressed. I got tired of trying to shoehorn Wii controls onto my Xbox 360 controller and quite a lot of games were just downright unplayable on it. I played Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the first time ever this evening for about 3 hours and it was perfect. No glitches, or any real lag.

A lot of research I did beforehand led to me to believe I'd have to update the firmware on the Dolphin Bar to be compatible with WiiMote's made after 2011, but the firmware it came with was the latest version so it all pretty much worked out of the box. I've never really played any consoles after the Dreamcast so all this Wii shit was kind of alien to me. Really impressed. I've got to do a shout out for the Dolphin emulator as well. That is one incredible emulator. The amount of stuff that thing plays is unreal.

I did get some glitching with Bust-A-Move Bash! where after about 2 or 3 levels, the pointer would become unresponsive but the fire buttons would still work. I'd pause the game and resume, and the pointer would be back to normal for another few levels before doing the same again.

If anyone here has a Dolphin Bar / WiiMote / PC setup and could give Bust-A-Move Bash! a go for a few levels and let us know if the same happens to them, it'd be much appreciated.

Anyway, this post is just a bit of aimless musing over my £60 purchase. To anyone thinking of getting one, I'd say it is money well spent. Thanks for listening.

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18 hours ago, Chris Kant said:

Does the wiimote worked great with the newest dolphin version an it’s Bluetooth passthrough?

Yeah, it works brilliantly with Dolphin 5.0. ***I haven't tried it with the nightly builds but I can't see there being a problem with them. *** Edit--I got this wrong. It doesn't work with Nightly Builds.

You don't need any kind of Bluetooth Stack or Dongle installed on your PC because the Dolphin Bar bypasses all that and handles all the Bluetooth itself. So yeah, all you need is the Mayflash Dolphin Bar and a WiiMote and your away. The only configuration you need to do in Dolphin is to select "Real WiiMote" in the controls settings, select whether you position your bar above or below your TV screen and whether to have sound coming out of the WiiMote speaker which works brilliantly too.

Another nice little touch is that Dolphin recognises the WiiMote being connected, so if you start a game and the WiiMote is off, when you turn it on Dolphin will flash a little yellow message to say "WiiMote 1 Connected".

The whole thing has been a bit of revelation for me. I thought it was going to be riddled with bugs but so far that isn't the case.

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Ok, clear. The old 5.0 release does not have the Bluetooth passthrough.


the nightlys are evolved well, and with 901 the the dolphin bar will not work anymore as before because of that. But quality is so much better if the emulator. 

Thank you for the good and helpful imformation

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