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  1. Welcome Christian, great to have you on board!
  2. It's considered good manners to say please when requesting things of people who do work in their spare time and for free, that's all.
  3. No, it's probably because you did not have that core downloaded from the online updater.
  4. Classic Albums on the BBC is a good show that does just that, I recommend it.
  5. 20 Feet From Stardom on Netflix was a good documentary about backing singers for famous artists. There's also a good one on there about Nina Simone.
  6. I am looking for that too, the only one I am missing for the matching set
  7. Grab the latest MAME rom set from Pleasure Dome.
  8. What emulator are you using for CPS3, do the games work in the emulator?
  9. Ah ok, I thought RA only displayed that if the MD5 checks out, I guess it only matches the filename then? In any case, here is the details of the MD5 details for the syscard3.pce file you need: http://docs.libretro.com/library/beetle_pce_fast/
  10. Well, there you go. You more than likely have bad dumps then. You have the correct working BIOS as seen in your screenshot. You said in a previous post that they were working though. Look for Redump or Darkwater dumps, they are the best.
  11. Do any of your TurboGrafx CD games work? Maybe you have bad dumps.
  12. I'll tag @circo here as regards Emumovies. In relation to a program to record in game videos, this will be coming to Launchbox as it ranked fairly high on the latest poll. In the meantime, I believe you can do this with VLC: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/record-screen-using-vlc/ I also use 4k Video Downloader to grab Youtube videos of games sometimes if I am missing some.
  13. Let's focus on one platform, in this case TurboGrafx-CD. Can you show us a screen shot of your RetroArch, load the pce_fast core and go to core information. I want to see the bios is not missing.
  14. I had a look and found this in one of my old playlist folders:
  15. Do NOT run Launchbox or Big Box as Administrator.
  16. I think what he means is adding a video to a startup theme. You can achieve the bios in the options of many emulators anyway, maybe that is what you wanted to do?
  17. Are you sure it has not already imported the games and they are hidden? It could be recognising them as duplicates and not importing them. Search for one of the games that has failed to import, it may be that it's there but not associated to a platform and not visible.
  18. If there is I haven't come across it. Have you tried changing the BIOS in the core options for FBA?
  19. You should probably rename this topic to something more meaningful or nobody will find it.
  20. The Retroarch core based on NeoPop doesn't support it according to their doc page: https://docs.libretro.com/library/beetle_neopop/ You will have to try the standalone emulator.
  21. I use an 8bitdo SF30 Pro.
  22. I use Google Drive to sync my RetroArch saves and save state folders.
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