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Default command line parameters??


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Hi there.

I'm at the moment configuring my Gameboy advance roms in Launchbox and trying to get them to boot directly and in fullscreen by double-clicking on them.

I had a look at the command line parameter for all platforms topic, But it didn't make any sense to me?.

I've already had help with my nes roms through Mesen which was apparently "%romfile% -fullscreen".

Is there some specific formula to it or is it different from each platform, If anyone could teach me a bit on it i would really appreciate it.

I'm trying to set them up through Visualboyadvance M.






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Hi again.

There was a topic where someone mentioned to change fullscreen to 1 in the configure file for VBA-M, But i can't find a line named fullcreen anywhere in the ini file?, Closest is "lastfullscreen=11" which didn't change anything.

Also tried countless of text entries in the command line parameter including the one from launchbox's own topic -f -4 eehhhh+ including the extensions like .zip, .gba and so on.

My best progress was not getting any error messages when just writing .zip (It just prompted me with a nice little black screen).

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