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  1. I do the same as dos76 with the bios to turn on with power except I use a WIFI plug adapter so so that my marquee light and and cabinet fans can also turn on at the same time. I have a racing/flight cabinet a standard arcade cabinet a virtual pinball cab and a Golden Tee all hooked up to 4 WIFI plugs that are Alexa/Google assistant capable and grouped so all I have to is say Alexa turn on arcade and everything comes on at once. I think I got the WIFI plugs at Walmart for like $8 each.
  2. I would like to change where the metadata is stored when launchbox scrapes for metadata for a platform. I know I can do this in the file section of the platform manager but i have to do each type of metadata individually which takes a lot of time and must be done for each platform. Basically I want to store the metadata on a different drive than launchbox. When I scrape now launchbox automatically creates a platform folder in the images folder of launchbox with all the metadata I would like to have that done but on a different drive.
  3. Has anyone come up with anything to use the ESC button to exit yet?
  4. Yeah I could not find it.
  5. Is there a way to change the default image folder location that LB and BB uses? My main drive that LB is installed on is getting full. I already change the image folder for each platform that I install (which is a pain since it originally defaults to it own image folder). Basicly I have the Cache-LB and Cache-BB that are taking up a lot space and I would like to move and direct them to a different drive.
  6. Re-update LB software and all seems fine now
  7. Things seem back to normal after re-updating.
  8. LOL funny I just found that just before you posted. Good to know im on the right track though Thanks neil9000. Going to give it a try now with fingers crossed
  9. Is there a way to manually add an update. I cant seem to get LB or BB to start. LB has the start progress bar pop up for about a second then disappears and nothing else happens. using beta 9.1
  10. Thanks for the reply. I dd already try that having the results however. Very strange.
  11. It my be important to note that I did just update my integrated intel video card driver just prior to having this issue but everything else on seems to work.
  12. I have beta version 9.1 which was working fine but now will no longer load. LB will show the start up progress meter with a little of the green progress bar showing for a second then disappears and nothing happens. Task Manager shows it not running and no log is made as I believe it never makes it far enough to start logging info. Also cant update to newer beta version since I cant start LB.
  13. It means that PSX2PSP was meant to be a file converter from PS1(Playstation 1) to PSP(Playstation Portable) hence the name "PSX2PSP". However it would appear you are telling me that you can combine PS1 files into .pbp file that can be read with certain PS1 Emulators. Which is great and I do appreciate your help on trying to find a solution to my problem but this seems to be more for file organization than it would be title listing on LB. As I and damageinc86 said before I am a little worried about how the .pbp file handles the disk changes.I do not want to have to open retroarch to do it. Yes mcos87 please let us know how that works out when you get the chance as I am curious. Many thanks. I think this is something that needs to be implemented in LB nesting maybe in an update unless its just something I am overlooking or doing wrong.
  14. Sooo if you condense 4 discs (or cue files) into one file how do you choose which file to play? Are .pbp files even readable by ePSXe or pSX emulators? It doesn't show that as a readable file on the "Emulator setting for all platforms" thread. Sounds like a PS1 iso to PSP file converter to me
  15. Well I already did have all my games in separate folders but when importing into LB I had it search for all my .cue files to make the game list so it showed all games and Discs versions. I did however find the combine selected games options in the right click menu which does combine the games under one which gives me the right click and pick which disc of the game I want to load like you have but I would sure like to have a left click and show just that game with its disc versions to choose from. I will be switching to big box after I get it all setup in LB and I am not sure how this will be handled there yet.
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