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1 Platfform > 1 retroarch > 2 cores ......


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Sorry if this was answered before,  I didnt find it.

I have a mame folder for Shoot em ups,  I configured it as a "plattform".

I see that My platfform only supports 1 core from retroarch.   Example:  Platfform:  Shoot em ups >  Retroarch > Mame2003.dll

How can I set "some games"  to start in retroarch,  but with another mame_core ?     




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There are a couple ways:

If you right click a game and edit there is a custom command line parameter you can use to set a game up for a different core. Enter a command line for the core you want in the "Use custom command-line" field.

Or you can create a second emulator instance of Retroarch. Call it whatever you want just name it different from your original emulator set-up (In the pics I created one for SNK on my test machine) and still point it to the same Retroarch.exe as your original set-up. In the associated platform tab of the edit eumlator make sure you enter the platform name for Shoot em ups platform and enter the Retroarch core you want to use. DO NOT click the default emulator box. Then go to the Shoot em ups platform and select all the games you want to run with the core from this version of the emulator and right click, edit (this will bring up the bulk editor) and choose emulator than select the new one. 




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