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Importing Steam Games Often Does Not Include Metadata and Images


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I know Steam mucked up a lot of things recently, but this has been happening intermittently for quite a while now. I am keeping up with the latest betas (lifetime premium member) in the hopes this is a bug, but now it is getting to be more consistently bad.

I import games with my Steam API Key, check every box to metadata and images, and some games don't import anything except the Steam banner. I have plenty of other games that do import the metadata (like Publisher, Genre, etc.), but many do not, and the process is the same for me each time. When I try to update metadata it usually only gives me the Wikipedia prompt (which I don't want) and still does not give me anything from Steam. If I check the Steam game itself on Steam, the game has plenty of videos, images and metadata, and I can manually save them and update each game, but that is not something I do for the other games that work.

Am I doing something wrong, is this a fundamental misunderstanding on my part on how this feature works (like if it is not in the Games DB it won't update the game?), or is this a bug? Anyone else have this issue?

Some examples of missing game data:

  1. TINY METAL (meta and images)
  2. Sorcerer King: Rivals (images)
  3. Dungeons & Robots (meta and images)
  4. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (images)

In these above examples, they were all imported at the same time with other games that had both metadata and images (on July 2, 2018, if that helps). I have more examples if needed, but that is the most recent import.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.



As a side note, I turned off my firewall to make sure that was not affecting anything, but then again, I would think all the games would fail with it it on if it was part of the problem. Either way, the result is the same.

I also went through the Download Metadata and Media Wizard with no change.

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Hey... if I remember it correctly Launchbox does not get Meta Datas from Steam, only a few Artworks and Videos will picked up there. Metadata comes only from Wikipedia or from Launchbox Games DB. If the game is not in the GamesDB you can add them there and after an approval it will be available for everyone.

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