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You can close that gap by using the Aspect slider but that will make the images bigger and you can offset that a by moving the scale slider at the bottom of Launchbox. How it all looks though will depend on the system and the boxes aspect ratio, so what looks good with one platform may not look exactly how you like with another.1804342979_2018-08-1519_44_52-LaunchBox.thumb.png.3c2fca1035e6dc131e58b2c0707912b8.png844255499_2018-08-1519_45_09-Options.thumb.png.fb3457b0322b0d7261ac617605bd1bfc.png

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On 9/24/2022 at 1:06 PM, C-Beats said:

Then you need to check your spacing settings. Airy doesn't add gaps like that on it's own. Option page looks like this. Decrease Vertical spacing and it should decrease that gap.

I copied the settings, and no change at all. However, when I change the theme, the gaps are much smaller.

Basically, the theme treats those banners as boxes. The gaps  EXACTLY correspond to the boxes size.

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Thanks for letting me know. This DOES appear to be an issue with the beta's and a code change introduced in beta 4. I have been able to find the cause and correct it and will be in the next release. Thanks for working through this with me and glad we were able to find the issue before the official version release.

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