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Cannot find The Grid, or VHS Grid video anywhere!!!

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Hi, so it's as the title says. When I watched some YouTube videos on your unbroken software YouTube channel, I saw one that showed off the Critical Zone City Hunter theme, and it showed how to use the banners, and the clear fonts to make it look pretty amazing. The default background video was like some sort of racing, or building one that was all like purple, or something. Now, the person making the YouTube video said that his favorite one was one called The Grid, which was just a loop of some Matrix Blue Line Grid looking thing that played in the back ground of the theme. But now, I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere here, on YouTube, or the internet itself for that matter for me to actually download it. It used to be a optional file when you downloaded the theme but now it's no longer available so could someone please re upload it for me? Thanks.

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Problem solved. @Zombeaver had The Grid file, and gave it to me, and someone named @mrcleen74 had The VHS Grid file, and gave it to me. I forwarded both files to @keltoigael and wait for him to re upload them to the optional downloads in the City Hunter theme properly like he said he would do if I could manage to find them, which I did. So I don't know if a mod needs to mark this as resolved, and/or lock it or what not, but I'm finished with this thread now.

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