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  1. @Lordmonkus But how is that any faster though? Being the fact that he will still eventually have to download all of the Metadata, and media at some point, won't it still take the same amount of time in the end?
  2. Carefully use O&O? But isn't the best way to make sure ALL telemetry is disabled is by allowing O&O and other software like it to just max out the settings? I want EVERYTHING disabled so that way my PC, and OS is actually mine. I want the type of privacy, control, and performance you get with Linux.
  3. So what software do you use to scan all your drivers to make sure they are up to date? What would you recommend for keeping them up to date at all times?
  4. Do you at least use the Driver Booster to make sure all drivers are up to date?
  5. So what cleaning software do you use to keep your PC always clean, and running as smoothly as possible?
  6. @Lordmonkus I also keep running into problems when I'm trying to remove all Telemetry from Windows. The Spy Bot Anti Beacon you linked is no good any longer because they now lock some features behind a pay wall, meaning that the free version doesn't block, or remove ALL Telemetry, so I tried programs like Destroy Windows Spying that apparently rips every trace of Telemetry out of the OS, but it seems like the OS get's really unstable when trying to block everything. Another issue is that when I use the IoBit Advance System Care StartUp Manager, things seem to be wonky when I remove everything from starting at Windows boot by removing everything from the startup tab, and deleting all the entries out of the Task Scheduler section. Also I used MSConfig, and tried to set the option to load only basic Microsoft Services at Windows Boot to disable everything to make it as bare bones as possible, but then nothing seems to work anymore, and even when re enabling things, it seems to stay broken until I fresh re install.
  7. @Lordmonkus The special tweaking AKA disabling services part is where I keep end up getting stuck on though. I somehow keep ending up breaking things on my OS, and having to reinstall.
  8. @Lordmonkus I saw your Increasing Big Box Performance tutorial in the troubleshooting section of the forums. I think you should also make a Fresh Installing Windows 10 For Big Box guide for people who plan on only using their PC's for retro gaming. That way, people who are starting fresh will know exactly what they need, and don't, as in what software to install, what drivers they need for the best experience, and which ones they can ignore as you don't need every single driver for every single component in your computer. That way, it can be slim lined, and set up exclusively for Big Box!
  9. @Jason Carr Was that Wow as in you're impressed by my savagery, or wow as in that's taking it too far?
  10. You wouldn't be providing them with "extra publicity" per say, but rather the hate, and toxicity that such scum bags deserve against them, that we would be completely justified for, and have every right to direct towards them. I know it's the usual "We don't want LaunchBox forum members going, and attacking these people" etc, and it's the same as for why most content creators won't give the details of the person they're calling out, and exposing, and always keep them anonymous, and confidential, but I myself have never understood such mentalities, and reasonings. I'm of the mind that if they've screwed us, or other people then I don't see any problems with sending the bad guys as much hate, toxicity, and ill will, etc, as possible. We should be attacking them at every turn, and making their lives as miserable as possible, until we destroy them! I'm not saying that we should go out of our ways to attack them, if we're not comfortable with it, but what I am saying is that we should give out all their details, either personal, or internet to the whole world, and let the beasts out to do with them whatever they please, and whatever happens to them as a result happens to them. In that sense, these crooks, and scum bags deserve whatever we decide they deserve.
  11. But I thought all of this vs stuff was just preference, and that there are no true superiors, or betters like those topics I was creating. Isn't that a little biased of you? lol
  12. @Lordmonkus I think I just requested it as a feature in the Bit Bucket. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/4540/adding-more-sounds-to-bigbox-to-make Hope I did it right.
  13. So my only chance of getting this feature into LaunchBox is if many others desire it as well?
  14. @Zombeaver I wasn't saying that there was anything wrong with my CPU. That was a reply to @Lordmonkus who said that running software mode required a very beefy CPU to use it, and I said that I run software mode all the time, and that mine runs butter smooth at all times without a spec of hiccups, or slow downs whatsoever. Then I said it was probably because I have an i7-4790K with 4.4 GHZ. I was only asking what he would recommend as the minimm CPU required to run software mode at all times for everyone else, because I'm not sure if you actually would need exactly that CPU, or if someone could get away with ones lower than it, and still be able to go all software mode without problems.
  15. It's probably because I have an i7-4790K with 4.4 GHZ. What is the very minimum CPU that you would recommend for going an all software mode route?
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