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EmuMovies Down Right Now?

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Is EmuMovies.com down for anybody else right now or just me? It is currently 7:03 PM Tuesday, 9/11/2018 at my time of typing this post, and I cannot gain access to it at all neither on their website, or even from LaunchBox itself. When I go on EmuMovies.com it just shows a white background with text, and links on the left, like all messed up looking, and when I click on any of them, none of them even work, and just take me to a blank page, but now it's even worse though, because now the website won't even load at all. Now it's just saying that the site cannot be displayed etc, and when I tested the login on LaunchBox itself, it says unable to login which means no scraping any metadata from them until this is fixed. So is this on my end, or on theirs?

UPDATE: EmuMovies is back up, and running!

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I got a 404 ~12 hours ago then a few hours after that the site loaded and there was a message saying the site was down due to an upgrade/maintenance, can't remember which.

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