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  1. Yes, it's open. Everything is in your RL/Lib directory. That's how people, like myself, have been modifying things. If it were closed source that wouldn't be possible. IIRC the post you mention was about Jason inquiring about the licensing, including RL in the LB download and making a new UI (which he didn't need permission for but was a nice gesture/courtesy). Regarding implementation, it's not as simple as just copy/pasting RL code. For one, that would mean using AHK rather or porting/implementing it to C# and doing it natively. Since Jason is the sole dev and it's closed source it's his sole burden to maintain it. That means figuring out the best way to work it into the existing codebase, allow for expansion and ease of maintenance going forward. It seems simple to end users but if you're a dev you know different. Natively handling control mapping for everything in LB would be a very hefty thing to do, it's not simple. Utilizing standalone keymapping software would be pretty easy to do via a plugin or script. And of course, everyone tends to think their requests are super important and/or wanted by most, whether that's the case or not. In the end, I'm sure Jason will tackle a bunch but it comes down to prioritizing what is easiest/most requested to implement.
  2. You keep mentioning this and it's a moot point. The whole point of RL is to be frontend independent and support all of them. All of the code for RL is open so there's nothing stopping Jason from looking at or using it so there's no need for collaboration anyway. It boils down to how Jason wants to implement things which is likely different from how RL does, which is completely understandable.
  3. https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2
  4. Agent47


    Setting RL as the emulator is obviously required to have LB use RL but it is not required for RLUI to populate the platform list at all. RL parses the Platform xmls to generate the list. There's also no need to start with a fresh RLUI setup and reconfigure all of the settings. If the LB plugin was missing it's because they're either using a very old RL version and need to update or they manually removed the plugin files. The only reason to reconfigure everything in terms of settings is if they made the mistake of putting all their emulators in their HS directory and want to change those locations.
  5. You don't want to use those modules in RL or as an example for an ahk in LB. They're missing some important functions. I was holding off on posting my module because I wanted to implement better xml functions in RL so I could get rid of the regex stuff. If I have some time this weekend I'll make sure nothing has changed with Phoenix and post the module on the RL forum. I could also easily translate that to an ahk for use in LB. I would need to set up an LB install to make sure it doesn't do anything funky with how LB handles the ahk script since I use a different frontend.
  6. It would've been better to ask on the RL forum. For starters you don't have LB connected properly since no systems are displayed in the list. You don't enter rom paths there. You would click on a system first, that's why it's disabled.
  7. Agent47

    Better genres

    I don't use LaunchBox, just offering up a solution. If OP or someone else wants to request it they can copy and paste my response or paraphrase it.
  8. Agent47

    Better genres

    - Add a set of radio buttons or a drop down list to the form for fields that support delimited values, "Replace" and "Add" (or whatever you want to name them) - If "Add" is selected the delimiter and the new value is appended to the existing value instead of just setting that field to the new value
  9. I guess that depends on what your definition of "modern" is since you haven't really explained that at all. There are plenty of themes for various frontends that are sleek, clean, and what I would consider modern type designs.
  10. That db doesn't include any JP exclusives (there are a TON) and only a handful of translated JP games.
  11. While true, it's pretty rare. For the most part you can use updated emulator versions just fine. The modules break when emulators change command line syntax (which will break launching from any frontend) and when they change the window class/title or the UI lib completely. The only major ones in recent memory were Dolphin (changed command line syntax and moved to qt), Demul (RL checks for a string in the title bar to detect when emulation actually starts to reduce the time you're staring at a black screen before the game displays), and WinVICE moved to gtk. Even when modules break new modules are posted in the RL forum pretty quickly usually.
  12. I knew the Neshta name sounded familiar when I saw it in the screenshot. I was using TeamViewer to help a guy fix a problem with HyperSpin about 5 years ago and he had the same virus, it was nasty. Every time he thought it was gone it would come back with a vengeance, did that 4-5 times. It would infect pretty much any exe that was executed (HyperSpin, emulators, etc) and others that were just on that drive. So you definitely want to take care of that ASAP, OP.
  13. All of these names are supported in the MAME and RetroArch modules FWIW. They might not be in standalone FBA if for some reason you're using that.
  14. You can, but there are a couple scenarios that require some extra work. For the most part emulators that only emulate a single system are completely fine. Some multi-system emulators are fine too, MAME included. The snag comes when you have emulators like RetroArch where it emulates a bunch of systems. Some of those modules have system specific checks for bios files, requiring different CLI params, or other automation specific to that system so it needs to know which system it is. Using custom system names with those emulators will require editing the module to include your name or sending the standard RL name from the frontend, or map the standard name to each game, none of which are ideal obviously. I plan on fixing that so you can any system name but I haven't gotten around to implementing it yet since my free time has been virtually non-existent recently but that should change here shortly.
  15. Obligatory disclaimer: I'm not a RocketLauncher dev, but I'm one of the very few people who provides support on their forum and updates modules and such (for context). It's also been a year or more since I've touched an install of LaunchBox I had for testing purposes so I'm admittedly not up to speed on the specifics of features. With anything RocketLauncher related it would be best to post it on the RL forum since although I browse the LaunchBox forums semi-regularly the chances of myself or one of the other active RL community members seeing a request like this made here is extremely unlikely. I can say that I'm pretty sure nobody has requested changes due to playlists or even mentioned them on the RL forums before. The RL and RLUI plugins will need to be updated to recognize playlists and that shouldn't be too difficult. I had already planned on looking into the plugins at some point due to some sort of media issue so I can look into playlist stuff as well. That being said, if I'm understanding @alissongamer correctly it sounds like something also needs to be solved on the LB side of things or they need to fix their configuration if this is already a thing. It seems that they want to have different fade media for the playlist platforms instead of the default Arcade ones. That would require LB sending the playlist name (ie Cave) rather than the parent platform (ie Arcade). Otherwise RL has no way of knowing if the game was launched from that Arcade platform or the Cave playlist. So some sort of playlist identifier variable would need to be sent via CLI to RL instead of the platform like it's doing currently.
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