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  1. A Windows PC isn't just superior for curating ROMs, it's superior where it matters most, performance. Yes, a Shield or smartphone can run most of the 8/16 bit libraries well but once you get to 3D stuff it starts to fall apart. You're running on underpowered hardware to begin with and then have thermal throttling and battery life concerns on top of that. The only real place where Android shines over a PC is portability. Even then you have to lug around a snap-on or wired/wireless controller because touchscreens are just terrible for playing games. If you're not on the go there's no reason IMO not to use a PC instead. I can understand the appeal of emulation on Android to an extent. For people who want to play a few games while commuting on public transportation, kill time at the DMV or Dr.'s office or whatever and it's a device that everyone owns already. Even then, I don't really see the point of using a frontend. In the case of a Shield TV I get ppl like it for the small form factor but even then you could use a NUC or a PC with a similar footprint. Android is kinda like the Pi and the other SBCs that people use for emulation. It's more of a cheap "toy" or little project but it's just sub-par in every aspect to a PC. To each their own, though.
  2. For casual users, maybe. For anyone who wants better than decent emulation, never. Windows will always be king.
  3. Agent47

    Is emumovies dead?

    Most people just use it to get videos and artwork. Usually the only posts you'll see there are people requesting stuff, not much else in terms of discussion or activity.
  4. Agent47

    Is emumovies dead?

    The site has never been super active from what I've seen. That being said, 10+ of your posts were on old threads and they weren't questions or things that would generate responses. I never go in their discord so idk about activity there.
  5. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Jason used the HyperSpin system lists from hyperlist as a reference. Or someone suggested it from seeing it there. It never should 've been on HyperList either since its a collection/playlist and not a system. But any sort of QC on HS went down the toilet a long, long time ago despite the efforts of myself and others who were trying to fix or improve things.
  6. No, it's not. LB is sorting it by digit rather than the entire integer like Windows does.
  7. Removing the mame override will "work" but that will use the legacy RL command line syntax. Like Jason said you should create a RocketLauncher emulator instead of individual system emulators though. The params for RL are the same regardless of system so there's no point in creating multiple emulators for it. Doing so will also use the current RL command line syntax as from what I recall LB has that built in already.
  8. That error is due to an invalid syntax so the problem is how you have LB sending params to RL.
  9. Probably because there are dozens of well emulated systems that don't have complete quality logo sets. So the few people that do produce them already have a ton of work to do for those. I imagine people would focus on those first instead of systems that aren't emulated well or at all.
  10. Just part of the joys of dealing with end users, especially in closed source software.
  11. His initial post was pretty confusing but after the other posts the point seems pretty clear. "I want marquee support and don't like that it scored low and stuff I don't care about (xbox controllers) scored higher".
  12. Yes, it's open. Everything is in your RL/Lib directory. That's how people, like myself, have been modifying things. If it were closed source that wouldn't be possible. IIRC the post you mention was about Jason inquiring about the licensing, including RL in the LB download and making a new UI (which he didn't need permission for but was a nice gesture/courtesy). Regarding implementation, it's not as simple as just copy/pasting RL code. For one, that would mean using AHK rather or porting/implementing it to C# and doing it natively. Since Jason is the sole dev and it's closed source it's his sole burden to maintain it. That means figuring out the best way to work it into the existing codebase, allow for expansion and ease of maintenance going forward. It seems simple to end users but if you're a dev you know different. Natively handling control mapping for everything in LB would be a very hefty thing to do, it's not simple. Utilizing standalone keymapping software would be pretty easy to do via a plugin or script. And of course, everyone tends to think their requests are super important and/or wanted by most, whether that's the case or not. In the end, I'm sure Jason will tackle a bunch but it comes down to prioritizing what is easiest/most requested to implement.
  13. You keep mentioning this and it's a moot point. The whole point of RL is to be frontend independent and support all of them. All of the code for RL is open so there's nothing stopping Jason from looking at or using it so there's no need for collaboration anyway. It boils down to how Jason wants to implement things which is likely different from how RL does, which is completely understandable.
  14. https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2
  15. Agent47


    Setting RL as the emulator is obviously required to have LB use RL but it is not required for RLUI to populate the platform list at all. RL parses the Platform xmls to generate the list. There's also no need to start with a fresh RLUI setup and reconfigure all of the settings. If the LB plugin was missing it's because they're either using a very old RL version and need to update or they manually removed the plugin files. The only reason to reconfigure everything in terms of settings is if they made the mistake of putting all their emulators in their HS directory and want to change those locations.
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