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  1. Yeah, you guys kinda opened yourselves up to those kind of responses. Other forums that don't allow pre-configured/loaded builds censor all talk about them. Whereas here the threads aren't deleted or even locked. Several turn into "PM me for roms" and that's all the replies are.
  2. Launchbox has never used RL to run. You can use RL if you want but it has never been required.
  3. You would have to use an AHK script to send the !{Enter} key combo after launch if it doesn't support any CLI params or use a settings or config file. That being said, I've never heard of this emulator, have no idea what the "Online" refers to, and from a quick google search the only thing I found related to this emulator is some random blog post mentioning a private Facebook group, a random GDrive link to the supposed binary, and no source code. Unless there's some compelling reason to use this over existing emulators like MAME or ParaJVE, I wouldn't bother. If there is, at minimum
  4. How to dump physical copies of games varies greatly among media type and the system. Different systems require specific hardware and software in order to dump them.
  5. No problem. To clarify, LaunchBox doesn't actually run games. It's a frontend which is basically a fancy menu to view your games which executes emulators to actually run games. Since you're new, you should also know that asking for, linking to or discussing where to get roms is the cardinal sin on any legitimate frontend, emulator or frontend sites and will get you warned or instabanned. So you generally don't want to discuss such things on those sites. LaunchBox is much more lenient than other sites in that aspect (which is odd to me considering they're a business rather than hobby
  6. If you want to do it legally, buy a physical copy of the game and dump it. Or for recent consoles, buy it from their digital marketplace and transfer it to your pc. Aside from that very small exception, anyone "downloading" is pirating.
  7. Nope, it shouldn't have. Like nearly all of the HS databases it's poorly done and doesn't follow the guidelines. I remember removing about 70 compilations from the gba db.
  8. I believe GameEx does vid and screenshot capturing, but I'm not positive. It's one of the few frontends I've never had any desire to try. I do know many emulators offer that functionality but having it in the frontend would save the steps of renaming and/or moving the captures. So that's a plus for people interested in the feature.
  9. So you then create a post with absolutely zero information about your problem...
  10. A Windows PC isn't just superior for curating ROMs, it's superior where it matters most, performance. Yes, a Shield or smartphone can run most of the 8/16 bit libraries well but once you get to 3D stuff it starts to fall apart. You're running on underpowered hardware to begin with and then have thermal throttling and battery life concerns on top of that. The only real place where Android shines over a PC is portability. Even then you have to lug around a snap-on or wired/wireless controller because touchscreens are just terrible for playing games. If you're not on the go there's no reason
  11. For casual users, maybe. For anyone who wants better than decent emulation, never. Windows will always be king.
  12. Most people just use it to get videos and artwork. Usually the only posts you'll see there are people requesting stuff, not much else in terms of discussion or activity.
  13. The site has never been super active from what I've seen. That being said, 10+ of your posts were on old threads and they weren't questions or things that would generate responses. I never go in their discord so idk about activity there.
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