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I have the following systems sorted into separate folders and all files are zipped except the CHD folders. I also have the bios files for each in a bios folder and each system’s bios is zipped

Sega System SP

Sega Hikaru

Sega Naomi (1&2 as well as GD versions)


Sammy Atomiswave

I see various posts here for setting up Naomi and Brad’s video covers the setup pretty well. There are a few questions I have that will help me in the long run so perhaps you guys can clear a few things up.

1) Will DEmul emulate all of the above systems?

2) I don’t see Sega System SP listed in the LB database, does it perhaps go by another name?

3) My set was not extracted from my imported MAME 0.2.01 set and following Brads tutorial he suggests pointing DEmul to the MAME folder for the Bios files. I have a folder with all the   bios files for all the above, will it be OK to just place that folder within the DEmul root and point to that? Will it be ok to leave all bios files  zipped?

4) Is it preferable to leave all the games/chd  in the root of DEmul folder in my emulators directory as Brad suggests or can you put them in your games folder?

5) I thought I might Import the Naomi content in 4 sections but in my search only seem to find clear logos for Naomi 1 & 2.  Anyone here got clear logo’s for Naomi 1gd & 2gd

Sorry to return to something that has been covered to death ? but with limited time I just wanted some clarity before I add this stuff, in order to avoid pulling my hair out later ?

Thanks Guys




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1 yes also Cave and Dreamcast games
2 It's obscure and only has a few games
3 Yes that should work and yes they should remain zipped.
4 You can put them where ever you want in the settings there is an option to let you set your games directory and it excepts multiple paths. Its not hard to set up at all.
5 That I don't know about.

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