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Lock Bigbox to a game for each reboot


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I am looking for a solution to lock Bigbox into a unique game until I desactivate the option.

I want Bigbox to behave as I hooked a real arcade game :

- Choose a game with a "lock to the game" option (same as the lock option in Bigbox)

- Play the game

- If ever the PC has to shutdown

- I Turn on the PC again

- When my PC boots, Launchbox launches automatically the last game until I manually "unlock the game".

Would this be possible ?

The main reason for that is I want to dedicate the cabinet to a game for a week or so, and not let people able to switch between games until I decide to do it myself on purpose.

It's also to avoid to let myself switch between games so easily, sometimes good barriers let me enjoy the game better.



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Right now it is not possible in BigBox. What I would recommend is creating a BitBucket ticket and link it here to see if you can get the community to vote on it. An easy way for Jason to track things the community wants to see implemented and also see how much of the community wants to see it. Click on Help & Support above then choose Request a Feature it will take you to BitBucket page. 


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