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MaxCSO not working


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Hi, just downloaded MaxCSO from github yesterday (tried both 64 and 32 versions) and no way they run on my PC. Is there any other source or preset I may be missing? I basically want to convert bin ps2 games into CISO but I guess this is also applicable to PSP conversions.

Also, is there a way of merging ps2 multidisc games?


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5 minutes ago, Klopjero said:

on the github repository it clearly states that the program converts ISO to CSO. not bin files.

Thanks. I clearly misread that. Even though the software doesn’t even load so I haven’t had the chance to check on my own bin files are not the ones. Tried to run both 32/64bit version as admin an as a regular exe but it pops up for half a second and nothing happens. Have also tried with older versions from github. Any clues on how to make it run or get it from another place?

Also, what do I need to conver ps2 bin files into something compressed?


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the application is command line based, o if you wanted to batch your conversions you'd have to openup a command prompt and feed it. or you could drop the ISO on top of the Exe and it would start converting.

regarding your ps2 compression question.. you should search the forum,  there is a thread about CD image compression with CHDman. it should still be up, it's a nice guide.

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