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  1. I'm sure people ask this alot but are you planning on adding support for designing platform/game marquee views in the future ?
  2. Hi, Would it be possible to have startup video's loop? like Coinops does? and as an extra feature, maybe when bigbox is done loading on the background, have an image drawn over it, stating that it ready and that you should press ny key to continue ?
  3. the marquee's change already. the cab's we might do and I do not understand your last sentence about average consoles.
  4. yea playlists is a problem as we use alot of customviews throughout the theme. the Windows systems is a thing..we probably I should have masked the back of the monitor @CMOSS, on the other hand we could add a small blackborder around the the video and consider the fanart background as a dynamic bezel
  5. Huh what? @Lisa ow the music.. the music from sim city for the snes. Just search for the ost on YouTube..
  6. Its a weird thing. As it seems to occur random.. as if its a caching problem. When BB froze and I closed the application. it wouldnt freeze at that same point (cave)
  7. I had it in the system view..
  8. I noticed this too. It could be bigbox it self as i didnt have this problem with 11.6.
  9. We did a good job... even if I do say so myself.
  10. why does Jason have to do that ? why ? does Jason update my emulators ? no, if a Bezel drawing feature is in place that is is based on AHK's and it is looking for the title of a drawn window but the bezel is not drawn why not add a trouble shooting feature which launches the emulator and allows me to click on the emulator window and the process captures Title element? Kind of like how you setup your fade for windows programs in rocketlauncher.
  11. When the AHK runs, it looks for a specific title name. I always thought it was weird that they couldn't use a like function for finding the right window.
  12. really? why not ? over at hyperspin a user called @knewlife made a small program that would draw a bezel around hyperspin. IS there nothing in that program or it's assets that could help ? https://hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/7425-hs-bezel/
  13. Well there be a new feature poll ? and if so when can we say goodbye to Rocklauncher for drawing our Bezels ? it's realy the only reason why I still keep Rlauncher around.
  14. @y2guru any luck with the double video playback ? @CMOSS are kinda tweaking out CionOps Theme and were hoping you might fix it ? all in good time ofcourse
  15. Hi, are there plans for integrating/adding Pinball emulator systems to the DB?
  16. I have a question about skewing I have this And I would like to the perspective of the video to tilted in such a way that it would fit in my video frame/pinball cabinet frame.
  17. I have a question. we can use the theme creator to make specific views for platforms, based on the default view. but is it dependent on the fact that the user uses the exact name of the platform ? I'm working with CMOSS on the CoinOPS Redux, and i Noticed that his platform specific views were not showing up when I downloaded his Community theme creator project. instead of an "equals" the look up could be "like" or "Contains" but that could negativly influance performance perhaps ? maybe the theme builder could provide alternate names for a system ?
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