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Smart playlist for "Recommended/Must play..."? (SOLVED)


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Hey guys!

I am finding a lot of games that are catching my attention, either when surfing through BB, or in different websites rankings/recommendations.

Is there a way of marking games somehow that is not as Favorites? I would like to be able to tag games that I find interesting along the way for playing eventually, and create a smart playlist with those.

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Lets say you have already rated all of your games then it'll be a bit difficult but if you haven't you could pick a number, lets say 3 stars or 1 star, if you only rate those games you want to play later with these and then make a smart playlist for just 1 or 3 stars you'll get them together. But for that matter you can add games to a playlist within BigBox as well if i'm not mistaken, wouldnt be a smart playlist then but a manual one.

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1 hour ago, Kondorito said:

Interesting... I am not at home right now to check, and I cant remember; are you saying that in the game details view in BigBox there is an option to add the game to an existing playlist? If so, then I dig that and will be using it.


Yeah it should be in game details, if you dont see it you might have turned it off in the options menu

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