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Retroarch + N64 (Mupen) - No Savegames!


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Hi guys,

im using the latest version of retroarch, ive downloaded the mupen core and im able to play my n64 games. Only thing is, on Mario 64 or Ocarina of Time it wont save my Gamesession. If i restart the game theres no SaveGame. Does anyone else encounter this problem?

If i use the parallel core, the save works on mario 64, but it wont on ocarina of time. I dunno anymore what to do.

Maybe someone of u knows a solution for my prob.

and well yeah, im using launchbox / bigbox premium as my frontend :D

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Are you using an Alt + F4 autohotkey script to close out the emulator ? Sometimes that can cause issues with certain emulators not saving games properly because it can't save the game to the sram file.

I just tested out Mario64 and it saved out just fine using Retroarch and the Escape key to close out.

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