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Just Added 3 Requests to Bit Bucket


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Hi All - I just added 3 requests to Bit Bucket - Feel free to up-vote if you agree with them:

  1. Search Playlists and Platforms by Letter:    Issue #4616
    • It would be nice to search at the platform level by letter - similar to how within a platform you can press right and the letters pop up to scroll by. I have hundreds of platforms and hundreds of playlists, which become cumbersome to get to the one I want because there is no way to jump to a letter.
  2. Add "Platform Category" to Auto Generate Playlist Criteria:    Issue #4617
    • I would like to see "Platform Category" as a criteria in the Auto Generate Playlist function. I am using this feature to build out playlists automatically, but I would like to exclude entire categories - like "Computers" or "Pinball" but right now I can only do it by the platform itself and not the Platform Category. That means I need to remember all of the specific platforms and build each "is not equal to" individually.
  3. Bezel Support:    Issue #4618
    • I know you are working on Fade (Loading) and Pause Screens which is great - I would also love Bezel support. This would completely eliminate the need to use RocketLauncher. Right now Retroarch is the only emulator that natively supports Bezels (that i know of), but it is 1 bezel per core, so where you have a core that supports a handful of platforms you can only use 1 single bezel - for example, Genesis GX Plus supports Game Gear and Genesis - As you can imagine those bezels wouldn't be the same.
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On 11/15/2018 at 6:35 PM, DOS76 said:

Retroarch now has per directory settings that would easily allow you to set separate bezels for all the systems the Genesis GX Plus covers.

Thats good to hear - So that would handle a good chunk of my collection - would still use RocketLauncher for the others. RocketLauncher isn't being updated often and while ti is easier for some emulators (like pinball) it's a pain in the ass for others. I would love to have to same beautiful look of fades, pause, and bezels only in LaunchBox.

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