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Playlist that excludes Broke/Bug? Multiple Same filters


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Hi all-

I want to create a filter under Arcade that shows All Arcade games BUT "shooter / Flying horizontal" and "shooter / Flying vertical"

See attached pictures.

If I go only one type say flying vertical it works but if I create another filter for horizontal it creates duplicate games in the playlist effectively doubling the amount of games.

Edit: Seems if I try to filter Genre twice no matter what value I use it doubles up the games. Only using genre once works. Anyone have a solution or experience this?

Edit2: I went a dded a few more a total of 6 filters and and you can guess it doesn't work and increased my roms amount 6x, see screenshots below again.




ok so I installed 9.0 b1 in another directory and it does the same thing, thinking it could be a long standing bug that none has tried?




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Alright, well this isn't as cut and dry as I had hoped. I've fixed the issue with the duplicate games. However, the problem is that when there are two lines that use the same field in the auto-populate playlists, the playlists use an "OR" between them and not an "AND". So what you end up getting is this:

PLATFORM is equal to Arcade AND (Genre is not equal to Shooter / Flying Vertical OR Genre is not equal to Shooter / Flying Horizontal)

Because of the OR, you just end up getting all arcade games. It works great if you want to add several genres to your playlist, but it doesn't work for multiple exclusions. When I originally implemented this I thought about adding AND and OR options, but I didn't want it to be complicated to use, so I scrapped that idea quickly.

However, if you look at the Comparison list, there is an option for "Has None of the Values". If you select this and enter in the following:

Shooter / Flying Horizontal; Shooter / Flying Vertical

Then it will give you exactly what you're going for.

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