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BigBox + Steam Link + Wired Xbox 360 ctrl. Help needed

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I have followed the instructions given in this video to no success. I still have no control and have almost given up. Any help would be appreciated.


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Just got my steam link yesterday so I haven' tried it yet but I will this weekend.


Simple troubleshooting questions to verify.

Do you have your controller setup in BigBox and currently works on your PC?

Do you have BigBox added to your steam app and verified it launches and that your controller still works on your PC?

Once you have verified the other two then it comes down to ensuring that your controller is paired with your steamlink. Also note that you will need to unpair your controller from your pc if it is paired via bluetooth first.


Hope that helps. I will let you know my testing results.

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I haven't been able to get it to work with launchbox/bigbox either. 

But, you can just add the emulator directly to steam. I added retroarch to steam, and am able to play games through steamlink that way. However, I don't because even wired (ethernet) the input lag is quite bad on my wireless xbox one controller. 

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