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  1. SubRetro

    Downloading missing art

    What is the scraping source your using? I haven't ran into that issue but I am also pulling media down from EMU movies as well with the lifetime license.
  2. Yeah started to review and weed my collection back. I did have the complete Wii collection (2.06TB) but decided to remove alot of the shovelware leaving it at 697GB. Did a similar thing with my PS2 games.
  3. So I am fairly certain I found it but am running into a new useable video mode error. Did you document the instructions you mentioned in the start of there post?
  4. Curious what result and where you found it. Coming up blank
  5. SubRetro

    BigBox + Steam Link + Wired Xbox 360 ctrl. Help needed

    Just got my steam link yesterday so I haven' tried it yet but I will this weekend. Simple troubleshooting questions to verify. Do you have your controller setup in BigBox and currently works on your PC? Do you have BigBox added to your steam app and verified it launches and that your controller still works on your PC? Once you have verified the other two then it comes down to ensuring that your controller is paired with your steamlink. Also note that you will need to unpair your controller from your pc if it is paired via bluetooth first. Hope that helps. I will let you know my testing results.
  6. My Collection sits close to 23 thousand at this point. However I have some PC titles to add still and might remove some things that I never touch anyway like MSX/MSX2.
  7. SubRetro

    My 4 player arcade pedestal!

    At this point I am at the stage at doing a cabinet design in sketch and reviewing what it will take to build it. Just thinking about the measurements and what possible places I can bring it around the house. Appreciate your help and any insight.
  8. SubRetro

    Migrating to Win10

    Makes sense
  9. So question what is the benefit of using this tool if you already used Dolphin to do its compression/space removal format anyway? Also I have the full Wii set in a wbfs so does that tool help with this? Always interesting in tools that help make the full sets smaller and run just fine. Done it with other tools like converting all dreamcast games from gdi to chd saving 500GB easy.
  10. So I have been trying to figure this out and confirming what might or might not be the best method. Currently I have a merged MAME set imported into my LB/BB setup and works well. The challenge I have is certain games that have multiple version of a game. For example Turtles Arcade has a 4 player World version and a 2 player Euro version. My first question is can you set the preferred ROM to open when selected on the game art or do you have to right click and select the particular rom you want? My second question is the MAME importer put the turtles game in both 4 and 2 player playlists. However the same issue stands unless I can set the preferred ROM player variant for that playlist? Aside from 4 and 2 player games maybe I want to open up a previous version of a fighting like MK2 2.1 vs 3.1. I do have split sets that I could import and set up separately just was trying to avoid that.
  11. SubRetro

    MAME Merged Set Collection and preferred ROM launching

    ok cool I will scope that out. If I have to I can take that rom and add it in but change the artwork so it will be known as a 2 player or 4 player game. Maybe a fix in the future possibly? Probably have to read the data of that specific rom to know its a 2 or 4 player.
  12. How can I get a copy of the game still? Been looking around but no luck so I have to differ to my PS1 copy.
  13. SubRetro

    Which games need to be zipped or unzipped?

    My PS2 games are in a gzip format that is supported as opposed to an ISO. The difference is on first launch of the game it will create a small cached' shortcut in your game directory so it will take a few seconds on first opening. After that the boot up performance is fine after that.
  14. SubRetro

    Managing different builds

    I use freefilesync and set watch folders to keep your folders and files in sync in a mirror or a one way configuration. You can run compares too.
  15. SubRetro

    Migrating to Win10

    Side question. Do you have to maintain the same Drive letter pathing ? Been configuring my setup on one of my machines for my arcade build and once finished, will be porting it to another win10 machine. I currently run a SSD for the OS, an SSD of 500GB or less for LB/BB itself, and a big drive with all the roms. I haven't verified what I want to do with certain windows PC fighting games yet but might do another SSD drive for it. games like SF4/5 cane be 60GB or less.
  16. Hello World So I couldn't find an answer in the forums on this so creating the topic now. What is the process to add your hacked games and scrape any media for them? For example I have my NES games and then I have another folder with all the NES Hack games. Am I just creating a separate platform and scraping them as the NES platform?
  17. SubRetro

    Guide: How to Import Blizzard Games into LaunchBox

    Was going to set this up into LB/BB and put it into steam then run steamlink. Will test it this weekend and see. At least for games like Destiny 2 anyway.
  18. SubRetro

    My 4 player arcade pedestal!

    It certainly does make sense and I have played retro gaming on my 65 tv as well so I know the feeling of playing turtles arcade on it. Probably will certainly consider scoping a build like this out. Did you reference any previous design plans for this or you just kinda went with your own take on it?
  19. SubRetro

    Sega CD USA 3D Box Pack (170)

    ok I will scope them out. I might have already obtained them but I am going through the audits.
  20. Question I am considering adding a 2nd drive to have a mirror copy of my LB/BB setup so I can run the beta code on it for testing so I don't risk breaking things on my primary production copy. Anyone have success in doing that or do you just backup your data up and then proceed with the update?
  21. ok I gotcha yeah I am just wanting to ensure the core config info and its media are in tack. Thanks for the input.
  22. So I have gone through and scraped all my media for my games (that are in a HyperSpin format) on the LB/BB 9.0 platform with my emu movies sub. However I still see a fair amount of games that don't have any media associated with them. I thought the audit tool helps me review what is missing so I can start to search for that media but doesn't look like it. Is there any other methods or tools to use to get media on my games that have media missing?
  23. I will give that a go and see.
  24. SubRetro

    Improvements to scan import

    Oh ok gotcha good point. Yeah I have a Parent Rom directory and then folders for each system under that. Will check that out and see.
  25. SubRetro

    Sega CD USA 3D Box Pack (170)

    So is this part of the GamesDB when we pull it down or is this a one off to download?