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Hi Guys,

Currently the way LaunchBox works, when "Extract ROM archives before running" is ticked, the archives are extracted and then LaunchBox tries to run the extracted files with the emulator. Unfortunately, if there are multiple files extracted, LaunchBox will look for and prioritise a .CUE file, which PCSX2 does not support. This will result in PCSX2 not functioning if the PS2 game you're trying to run comes with a .cue

I compress all of my PlayStation 2 games (I have a full set so must do this to fit them on my disk) - which saves a lot of space, but means I have to use the "Extract ROM archives before running" option in LaunchBox. If you have a large set of compressed PlayStation 2 games matched to something like Redump as I do, you will notice some games use just a .ISO, whereas others use .BIN and .CUE. PCSX2 does not need a .CUE file to play the games, but removing all the .CUE files from each archive in a full PlayStation 2 set would take forever, and would ruin the verification against Redump's PS2 database.

To get round this, I wrote a tool (LB2PCSX2) which, when put as the intermediary between LaunchBox and PCSX2, finds the PCSX2-friendly file which needs to be forwarded to the emulator, by first looking for a .ISO, and then if not found, looking for a .BIN  - A link to it is here.

Using this, however causes it's own set of issues, for example I can't get the PCSX2 Configurator to work, as "PCSX2" isn't the assosiated emulator, it's my workaround tool LB2PCSX2.

So my request/issue is - would it be possible to have an option of what file Launchbox looks for to launch a game after it has extracted an archive? Maybe an extra setting underneath "Extract ROM archives before running" which says "Filetypes to attempt to launch" and then checkboxes with .CUE (ticked by default) and then .BIN, .ISO etc etc. This way you could untick .CUE for your PS2 games and keep .BIN and .ISO ticked, meaning my tool would be obsolete, woohoo!

Many thanks for listening ?

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yeah that can be a tricky situation. Have you ever thought of converting your games to Gzip that is a format that PCSX2 recognizes and you don't need LB to unpack the archive. I'm not 100% on this but I believe the file size saving of gzip is better than most traditional archives if I'm remembering what I read correctly.

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I have thought of that but the problem is I like keeping my collection up to date with the latest ReDump DATs which means they have to stay in their pristine dumped format... @Jason Carr - sorry to bother you - any chance something like this might be implemented in the future? If not i’ll have to have a re-think on how i’m storing my 2500+ PS2 ISO’s because i’m loving LB!


many thanks

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@UnluckyForSome What I don't understand with this is how .bin files could ever work properly without their .cue attachments. If a Playstation 2 game has only one track, then it makes sense that a cue file wouldn't necessarily be needed. But if there are more than one track in the cue, then the bin file will be worthless without the cue data. But idk, maybe Playstation 2 games only ever use one track. That's the general problem with ISO and straight BIN files: they don't support multiple tracks. But again, I guess maybe PS2 doesn't ever have multiple tracks on the disc?

This has been requested before (the option to choose what extensions to prioritize), so it is on my list. I'll bump it up a notch. :)


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