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Launchbox 9.3 Change Log

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Version 9.3 - Released January 7, 2018

- Improvement: Daphne emulators should now have "Hide Console Window" checked by default for better compatibility with the startup screens

- Fixed: Rare and random null reference error when returning to LaunchBox from games

- Fixed: Error when using the list view in LaunchBox and attempting to hide the sidebar

- Fixed: Rare but potential null reference error auto-generating child playlists

- Fixed: Scan for Added/Removed ROMs error with platforms list's All node selected

- Fixed: LaunchBox sidebar counts were updating incorrectly with an active search

- Fixed: LaunchBox sidebar counts were sometimes not showing up immediately for All, None, and Exists nodes

- Fixed: Big Box was using the LaunchBox startup theme setting instead of the Big Box startup theme setting

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