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is it normal for LaunchBox to not import ROMs of different languages/regions?


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For some games I only have the English version in LaunchBox, and I'd like to add other versions such as the Japanese version. But whenever I do, unless I specify the option to force duplicate entries, the importer would say 0 game added, refusing to add the ROM to the library even though it's a different version.

for example, if I first import:
Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (US).zip

then when I import:
Zelda no Densetsu - Kamigami no Triforce (Japan).zip

The importer would not add the second game, meaning I cannot right click on the first game to access the Japanese version.

To get around this, so far I've had to check "force importing duplicate game", and get a duplicate entry. Is this normal behavior? Is there a way to get the importer to add different language versions and merge them under the same game?

By the way, when I force duplicates, the importer takes 5+ minutes to add a single game, compared to seconds when adding a non-duplicate game. It's very slow and seems rather abnormal.

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Having a similar problem

For me, I'm jumping over from Attract Mode. Since the LBDb is North American-centric, Im having to merge systems like Famicom and Sega Mark III into NES and Master System, etc. That's fine, but if your process is to scan for new roms in the existing system, then those alternate region roms do not seem to get added. The only option appears to be re-import the entire set with dupes checked off.

Anyone got any ideas?

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What you are seeing is by design.  The LB database will have one entry and associated alternate names for other regions.  So from LB DB view it is a duplicate entry and will not import because it sees it as duplicate.  

The check box to allow duplicates allows other regions to be imported.  You could also use the Additional Apps tab and add in the other games similar to what Mame import tool does.  However that is not ideal if you want to see media/art for both versions of the game.  

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In the end I went back to separating the alternate Japanese platforms (ie Famicom, Mega Drive, etc) as much because I like to highlight the different platforms more than anything.

My process was to first import the platform that is the default in the LBDb (eg NES), and then create a new platform (eg Famicom) and import the roms using the LBDb default as the scrape resource, and with forcing dupes on. Worked for me.

Also I found that the scanning for new roms process will add all versions if there is no existing title, so an easy enough work around is to just delete the existing title(s) in LB and then rescan.

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